Are You Paying Too Much for POS & Meal Plan Management System?

Every college, university and business, no matter its size, needs a point-of-sale system. The smart choice for a POS system is always the one that provides all the features you need at the lowest cost. Thanks to modern technology, there are more point-of-sale system options available than ever before. Unfortunately, it is rarely easy to know from the outset if you are getting the best POS system for the best price.  Watch the video below as Tim explains the benefits of a single point of sale system than can manage student or employee meal plan management systems and provide superior inventory tracking. 

How Much Does a POS System or Meal Plan Management System Cost?

There are multiple POS systems on the market. When asking how much the POS system costs, remember that you are not going to receive a simple, single-dollar answer. There will typically be a monthly license plus an initial investment in hardware and setup.

They may also require investments in additional technology support fees and add-on costs for customization. Do not forget to keep in mind any additional investments that you need to make that support the POS system you choose.

What is the Best POS for Colleges and Universities?

The best POS system for you is dependent upon your specific needs. For most, the best POS for universities, or even small businesses is likely a system that has lower start-up fees that can cause a financial burden. Choose a system that offers all front-end and back-end services so you do not need to worry about the multiple charges incurred from multiple software systems and the hardware required to run them.

Another issue to weigh is the amount of training required. If the system is difficult to navigate or if you need multiple applications, you may need to spend a significant amount of time learning operation management. The time spent on this may be an opportunity cost that is difficult to pinpoint. Be sure to check out our Top 5 POS Training Tips That Every Business Should Follow.

Are Secret Costs Eating Into Your Bottom Line?

Are you still asking how much a POS system costs? If you choose a system that does not have transparent numbers from the outside, you may be asking that question for years to come. Some companies have attractive prices on paper but bury hidden fees into your contractual obligation. You might think you are paying $50 per month for a cloud-based service only to find you pay hundreds to thousands more for set-up fees, consultancy fees and more.

How much a POS system costs does not have an easy answer, but a POS system does not have to be the cause of financial worries. There are systems that provide excellent capabilities at a low, monthly rate. Contact Bepoz to learn more about our point-of-sale software and how our transparent pricing can help your organization.

Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Tim here with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale systems. I want to ask you a question.  Is it possible you might be paying too much for your point of sale system and your meal plan management system for your College University because Bepoz has the ability to do both of those systems in one system?  We can do both the point of sale and the meal plan management system in one at the price that might be less than you’re paying for your existing point-of-sale system today.  If you want to find more about how we can save you money on your point of sale and meal plan management system, we would love to talk to you.  Please call the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.