The Ultimate Stadium POS System

Stadiums benefit from having cohesive point-of-sale systems. These multi-function systems can work with and between food service, retail and sporting venues. All of these types of services are often offered under one roof at a stadium. Watch the video below as we explain the top features you need for the ultimate stadium POS system.





POS Inventory Management That Transcends Events

A stadium may play host to a concert, sporting event or convention.  Because these events do not occur on a regular, routine basis, keeping inventory is an incredibly difficult task.

 The Stadium POS System from Bepoz takes the guesswork out of inventory control for both food service and retail operations. Every sale automatically removes items from inventory. A real-time inventory means there is no catch-up once the event is over. It also means that employees always know when stock is low.

The Easiest System to Learn Stadium POS

Stadium concessions often employ temporary or seasonal workers. These employees don’t have time to spend long hours learning new sales systems. The Bepoz Stadium POS System is intuitive. It can be learned quickly and easily by anyone.

 The Bepoz Stadium POS System also lets employees rotate between stations. The same employee could work at a ticket office, fan shop or concessions without having to learn a new system.

Beyond Stadium Concessions

More and more stadiums are offering new food services, such as table service to upper decks and suites. The Bepoz Stadium POS System is customizable to work with any type of foodservice atmosphere needed. It can even be used for custom and advanced orders.

 Roving concessions can use this system as well. Mobile tablets let employees track customer orders and take payment using credit or debit cards.

 Contact Bepoz to learn more about this Stadium POS System. We will answer your questions and show you how the Bepoz system will transform the way your stadium operates.

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