Recycling/Redemption Center Point of Sale Systems

Recycling/Redemption Center

As a Recycling/Redemption Center you spend most of your day making purchases from customers. Your job is to acquire, track, and safeguard inventory, pay out cash for items received, and then sell in bulk. Bepoz understands this process and can offer a completely customized point of sale (POS) software, hardware, and technical training solution for your company.

POS Benefits

Create, Manage and Protect Pricing Variations

To keep this very simple, let’s say a customer brings in 100 cans. At $.05 a can, they would receive $5.00. You may change the pricing to $.055 if they bring in more than 200 cans or for specific customers. Whatever you choose, Bepoz point of sale allows for complex variations in pricing. For many operations, cashiers could use this to give additional money to friends and family for their redemption or to steal cash. With Bepoz you can control who gets the additional payout instead of letting the cashier decide. For many operations, this simple problem costs them far more than the cost of a POS system to manage their operations.

Track Cash in the Drawer

Bepoz has the ability to track not only how much money was paid out during the day, but how much cash should still be in the drawer.  This saves time on reconciliation and gives accountability to your cashiers.  The amount of cash in the drawer could also be checked against the number of cans or bottles received in the day to make sure that the correct amount of cash was disbursed. Helping protect your cash is one of the core functions of Bepoz.

Fundraiser Tracking

Allow customers to donate their items as well as donate the cash received to their favorite fundraiser. For example, a customer brings in several bags of cans. Their pay out is $50. The customer can choose to donate that to a registered fundraiser with your company. Bepoz keeps track of all the donations for that fundraiser so a check can be sent at the end of the month with their total donations.

Build your Inventory & Track It

If you’re a recycling center, you give out cash and receive cans and bottles all day. Bepoz can keep track of what you are receiving. Your POS software will keep track of cash payouts and inventory in real-time.

Works for One or Many Locations

Be organized, increase efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profits. Let Bepoz organize all your recycling/redemption locations with its easy-to-use, reliable software.

We Know What You Want

We’ve been in the point of sale industry for over 40 years. We have learned what recycling/redemption business owners want. That is why there are no upfront licensing fees or long-term contracts. We offer a month-to-month subscription with a 30-day money-back-guarantee. Be one of the more than 5,000 companies worldwide who has tried Bepoz. Contact us today to learn more.