Payroll Deductions

A cafeterias at a corporate businesses and hospitals often offer employees the convenience of charging their meals to their paycheck as a Payroll. Often abbreviated as “Payroll Deduct”, this feature is also a benefit to the employer for several reasons mentioned below.

How Payroll Deduction Works

In a hospital cafeteria, for example, employees have an ID badge that has a magnetic stripe, a barcode, or an RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) code in it. Bepoz can accept any of these. If you’re using RFID technology, all the employee has to do is take their card and touch the RFID reader. The system will pull up the account and the cashier can subtract the total of the cafeteria purchase. If they have a declining balance it will automatically deduct as if it was a pre paid gift card. If they have a payroll deduction, that will automatically export on the payroll period to the payroll service for the payroll deduction.

Benefits of Payroll Deduction for the Employer

  • Convenience for employees equals an increase in sales for the employer
  • Your POS holds details of the payroll deductions
  • Reduction of data entry and labor for payroll deductions.
  • Shorter breaks for employees resulting in greater operational efficiency.
  • Current employee balances are easy to pull up

Consider Drafting Policy

Establish some company policy about payroll deductions before you program your POS software. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Will you have a maximum limit of purchases or spending per payroll period?
  • Will you have an employee discount to stimulate spending, and if so, what will it be?
  • How will employees pay? RFID, magnetic strip, barcodes

How will you use the Payroll Deduction feature at your hospital or corporate cafeteria, coffee bar, gift shop, etc.? Give Bepoz a call to set up a demo to learn more about payroll deductions using your point of sale system.