Point of Sale Security

Keeping Your Money Safe…

There are many layers of security added into Bepoz to keep you and your money safe. A sample of some things that are built into Bepoz Point of Sale include cash accounting and securing systems, integration with security camera systems, audit logs, keypress logs, and manager alerts. Of course there are many more.

Compulsory Drawer Close

The first line of defense for securing your money is at the point of sale. Bepoz Point of Sale is designed with this in mind. One of the possible ways that a cashier can steal from your business include selling items like a Coke that are always the same price without ringing it through the system. Usually in order to make it look to the customer like they aren’t stealing they will actually put the money in the drawer. However, they never close the drawer so that they can do this without ringing it up in the system completely. One way to combat this is to force the cashier to close the drawer in between every transaction. Bepoz can require the drawer be in the closed position before a transaction can begin.

Blind Drops

There are many methods like the one listed above that cashiers can use to collect extra cash without recording the actual transaction. This often happens in bars, but can happen in any business. This process is much easier when business owners allow cashiers to run a sales report telling them what should be in the drawer before counting the drawer down. In this way, the cashier will be able to know exactly how much cash should be in the drawer, and turn that in. Bepoz can be configured to require the cashier to count the cash and enter the counted amount without the benefit of knowing how much should be in the drawer. This is called a “Blind Drop”. The system can also force the system to require a manager override if the count is more than $X off. In this way if the drawer is more than say $10 off, a manager has to approve the final count.

Alerts & Audit Logs

The Alerts system in Bepoz is designed to, well ALERT, the owner/manager of an event by email or text message that has happened immediately as it occurred so that some action can be taken. The Alert may be because an operator performed a sequence of keystrokes at the POS that could have untoward connotation, nice subtle way to describe a possible theft, right! On the other hand a customer may have just bought that really expensive bottle of wine, or in some way created a reporting trigger because of a really good reason that you want to alert the manager about so he can become personally involved and make it a special event for the customer too. Regardless of these special events you can be secure in the knowledge that every action, pretty much keystroke even, of every person who touches the system is recorded in the electronic audit trail. When somebody tells you one day that the price of a particular product has increased all by itself, the computer must have done it, right? Well yes, but the audit log will tell you who it was who pressed the keys. In fact with Key Logging enabled, you can tell exactly what keys the person pressed in order to complete the action.

Security Camera Integration

Bepoz has the ability to integrate with most security camera systems with this feature to overlay the transaction details over the top of the camera feed. Many of these systems allow an operator to search the video feed for things like employee discounts for example. In this case, an operator could look through all the employee discounts to see if the customer who received the employee discount was actually an employee. There may also be some item that is commonly sold, but a more expensive item is given to the cashier’s friend. In this way, if the bartender or cashier rings up a Budweiser, but hands the customer a Jack Daniels, there is a problem.