Point of Sale | Admissions and Ticketing

Bepoz point of sale supports many types of general admission ticketing for venues like theme parks, museums, zoos, family entertainment centers, boats/ships, bounce houses and other miscellaneous venues.  Bepoz the ticketing and point of sale features of offer so many different applications, a short list of possible options is included below. This is by no means an exhaustive list of the possibilities with Bepoz point of sale for ticketing and admissions. If you have questions, please contact Bepoz to discuss your needs further.

  • Tickets can optionally be validated and redeemed to reduce double entries or fraudulent entries.
  • Tickets can have a single use, or tickets could have multiple use capabilities for things like 5 ride tickets, or unlimited ride passes.
  • Printed tickets can take the form of a traditional ticket, a wristband, or a simple receipt generate ticket.
  • Tickets can have a start date or expiration date so that it can only be used for a specific event, or expire if not used.
  • Tickets could be free or discounted for season pass holders or members.
  • Season pass holders or members could receive a certain number of buddy passes per year/month etc.
  • Loyalty customers could receive free or discounted tickets as their reward.
  • All ticketing features work in conjunction with the rich feature sets Bepoz contains for restaurants (table service or counter service), and retail outlets including inventory.