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Regardless of the size of your university’s campus or student body; the size, volume or type of transactions you process in a day can vary as dramatically as the types of customers you serve. Whether you need a system for your University cafeteria, University bookstore, University Stadium or other campus outlet, Bepoz has the ability to manage your transactions and inventory. To effectively manage inventory, sales and revenue associated with these transactions, you need a point-of-sale system that can help you essentially “see” and “talk to” many different facilities they involve, in real time. Bepoz Point of Sale (POS) is designed to do just that for universities and colleges of any scope and size — and more. Because the system is designed to accommodate the demands of organizations with multiple settings, Bepoz POS can be customized to fit the unique demands of your college and university, including remote campus locations.

Student Meal Plans and More…

Cafeterias with student meal plans and employee meal plans, campus bookstores, campus stadiums, parking and tuition payment offices experience fluctuating demand based on the time of day, week and school year. With Bepoz POS, you can leverage mobile POS terminals to expedite transaction processing, optimize staffing levels, and minimize customer wait times, both for transactions that take place at a physical storefront, a temporary location, or at an on-campus event.

Mobile POS Terminals

With the Bepoz mobile POS system “hybrid cloud” functionality, you benefit from the accessibility a “public cloud” offers, in tandem with the speed and reliability of a “private cloud.” Because all of your POS locations, including those in multiple departments across campus, will “talk to” one another in real time, you can manage customer accounts and loyalty rewards accurately, as transactions occur.

Manage Real-Time Inventory

With campus-wide connectivity (including that which spans multiple campuses), Bepoz POS equips you to manage real time needs associated with inventory, and activity on customer accounts. If a student needs a textbook that is out of stock in one bookstore, for example, Bepoz POS inventory management allows you to identify other locations on campus where the item is in stock, so you can complete the customer purchase, and remove the item from stock in real time to maintain accurate inventory and stock levels. With Bepoz’s Smart PDE, a real-time handheld inventory control device, you can manage inventory levels from anywhere, too. You can issue purchasing orders, assign barcodes to new items, and receive or transfer items into stock at multiple locations based on the demand indicated by your POS sales and activity reports. When you have control over your inventory levels, you don’t just optimize every dollar your university spends and generates — you can reduce and potentially eliminate out-of-stock issues that stand in the way of a student’s ability to complete assignments, and a professor’s ability to instruct effectively.

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