How to Manage University Foodservice with a POS System

Any restaurant, cafeteria, food cart or retail food service establishment must have a dependable, reliable system in place for point-of-sale and inventory. University foodservice environments have the added obstacle of having to work around student meal plans in multiple locations. If your university offers food service of any kind, you have probably already faced this frustrating predicament.

Student Meal Plans and Declining Balances

Many university students take part in a meal plan. They purchase the plan that gives them a certain number of meals or a specific balance. Each time they make a purchase at a cafeteria that amount is deducted from the plan.

A struggle your college or university may face is location. You might have multiple cafeterias or different types of food service environments. You may be considering opening a quick service restaurant, food cart or even a food truck. A student needs to be able to use their existing meal plan in any of these areas. Does the difficulty of allowing your students to easily use their ID cards or student numbers keep you from making this convenient and lucrative move?

Bepoz is a point-of-sale system that works within a university’s entire food service network. Your students can use their ID cards, bar codes, QR codes or student numbers to access their meal accounts. The amount of the purchase will be automatically deducted from their central account.

Inventory, Operations and Orders

Bepoz works well with your university’s needs because the program doesn’t solely focus on money exchanges. Bepoz is a system that allows your customers to view menus and place orders. Those orders then go to the kitchen where they can be filled. Inventory is also automatically updated each time an order is placed.

Menus can be crafted through the Bepoz system as well. You can create a new daily menu, a weekly menu or a recurring monthly menu. The greatest part of Bepoz is that it functions in whatever way you need.

That’s still not all. Bepoz can be used to generate reports. You can use Bepoz to learn which items are selling well and which ones aren’t selling at all. You can differentiate between your different food service establishments to see where changes need to be made. If you can imagine it, Bepoz will find a way to make it happen.

Contact Bepoz now to learn more about this system and how we can make your university food service establishment run smoothly and with higher profits.


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