Top Foodservice and Retail Inventory Management for Universities

Universities have far too many moving parts that require continuous tracking. Having more than one system for inventory management is unnecessarily cumbersome and expensive. Universities can save time and lower overall costs by using one POS inventory system for retail and foodservice. Watch the video below as Tim discusses the top features you need for ideal foodservice and retail inventory management for universities.

Multiple Foodservice Locations? Not a Problem!

Even the smallest colleges and universities often have multiple locations for foodservice and retail sales. You could choose a separate POS inventory system for each of these spots, and then consolidate the data at the end of each day. Managing multiple POS systems means managing numerous reports, which adds to your staff’s workload, creates problems with real-time inventory tracking, and is likely to have many errors.

A better way is to use a system like Bepoz that makes POS inventory adjustments across all orders and systems. With the simplicity of barcoding, you can track all inventory across the entire university system as items are scanned for purchase and the corresponding inventory updates in real-time.

Recipe Creation and Inventory Management in One

A university cafeteria cannot function without a well-designed and pre-planned menu. The Bepoz POS inventory system includes batch recipe creation that gives you ingredients tracking capabilities. You will know what you have in stock and what needs to be re-ordered. Ingredients tracking allows you to remove those items from stock automatically.

Being able to optimize inventory is as simple as inputting recipes and menus, then Bepoz does the rest for you. 

Make Money and Save Money with University Inventory Management

A lot of focus is given to inventory, and for good reason. Universities need to know which items are required and which are in surplus. POS inventory adjustments occur automatically, which keeps your high demand items from running low or running out. It also helps your staff to provide better customer service. If a student is looking for a specific item, you can tell them exactly which location has that product in stock or when it should arrive. Without POS inventory adjustments, you may be giving inaccurate information to customers who will then take their business elsewhere.

Top Foodservice and Retail Inventory Management for Universities

POS enterprise reporting is another feature that saves money. POS enterprise reporting is vital to understanding what your cafeteria and retail spaces need to improve their profits. You need an all-in-one system that helps you optimize inventory, create purchase orders, and generate reports.

The Bepoz point-of-sale system provides POS enterprise reporting, batch recipe creation, purchase orders, and much more. Contact us today to find out how Bepoz can benefit your college or university.

Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. One common problem amongst colleges and universities is how to manage the inventory that they have, both from a food service standpoint and from a retail inventory standpoint. And Bepoz has the capacity to handle both food service inventory and retail inventory in one system for your college or university.

Better Inventory Management for Universities

So, in the food service environment, you may have ingredients on an item that need to be deducted as I sell the item. So I could have a burger and when I sell the burger, I have to deduct the burger, the bun, the cheese, the ketchup, the pickle, the lettuce, the tomato. If it’s a Happy Meal, the box, the fries, the cup, the lid, the straw, all of that out of inventory as I sell that hamburger. I could also have batch, or recipe created items like lasagna, for instance. And in lasagna, if I sold it like a burger, when I sold one portion, it would probably only deduct one piece of pasta, three ounces of marinara, two ounces of ricotta and two ounces of sausage, or burger. And now my shelf would be incorrect, because all of those pieces came off for 16 portions when I created the entire pan of lasagna.

Batch Recipe Management for Universities

So, we can do batch recipe creation when I create the entire batch, or the entire recipe. It deducts all of the ingredients for the entire pan of lasagna off the shelf and create 16 new inventory items, or whatever number for all the different slices of lasagna that you have. This could also be done for soup, for dressings, for anything that you’re creating in a batch. So, that covers food service inventory.

Retail Inventory & Barcoding for You University

We could also do retail inventory and in retail inventory, oftentimes you have a barcode. Of course, we could do barcoded barcodes on the food service items in the food service area as well. But often times in retail, you’re scanning the barcode to sell it, scanning it to count it, scanning to receive it. And Bepoz has the capabilities of managing all those kinds of items. And tracking who you buy it from, when you buy it, how much you should buy, and whether you buy it in a case, or whether you buy it in a single. All of those questions could be answered for both retail and food service products. We can do the purchase orders from your outside vendors. We can receive the inventory against those purchase orders. We can do transfers between locations. We can do adjustments to your inventory and give you enterprise reporting across all your locations. What’s happening to your inventory, and how much should you purchase.

Inventory Management for Universities Can Save Your Campus Big Money

In many cases, we’ve been able to optimize inventory and save our clients tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on inventory that’s being purchased in the wrong quantities. Either too much and it rots on the shelf, or can’t be sold, or has to go on clearance, or too little and you miss sales. So Bepoz has the capabilities of doing enterprise management system for your entire university, or your college. If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz could help you with your college, or university inventory, we’d love to talk to you. Please either call the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.