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Point of Sale Software For Retirement Communities

Looking for a retirement home POS software system? Look no further than Bepoz for all your point of sale needs. Bepoz is a feature-rich point of sale (POS) software solution that is suitable for any type retirement home. Whether it is for a restaurant or retail shop within a retirement center,  Bepoz has the functionality necessary. Bepoz also has the ability to centrally manage multiple locations for a group of retirement centers. Popular features enjoyed and utilized by our customers include meal plans, automatic statements generated by email, house account management, membership management, table side ordering, exports to accounting systems, and customizable reporting.

Meal Plans

Bepoz has the ability to manage retirement center resident meal plans. This functionality is extremely flexible. Meal plans can be by dollars, meals or points per day, week or month, or some combination thereof. Vouchers can automatically be issued at the beginning of the period and balances can be automatically emailed to residents at a scheduled predefined point in the month to keep residents up to date.

Resident Account Balances

Administrators can decide whether to allow residents to pay with cash or credit card, or on a per person basis. They can allow residents to charge meals or other amenities on account. Account balances can then be easily exported to accounting systems for centrally maintaining accounts receivables for residents.

Tablets and Mobility

It is becoming more common for retirement centers that have table service operations to desire tablets for mobile table side ordering. Bepoz has the ability to accommodate this requirement with the same functionality that is available at a standard point of sale station.

A Portable Business Control Center

Being mobile, flexible and not tethered to a desk is also important in today’s business climate for retirement centers. Bepoz allows you to take table side orders, manage subscriptions and even keep track of inventory all on a portable handheld device. You’ll truly be able to manage your business from anywhere, anytime.

Engaging your existing clients as well as gaining new ones has never been easier. From email to SMS to discounts and promotions, the Bepoz system can handle it all. Far more than just a point of sale device, it can function as your all-in-one business control center.

Bepoz is different — certainly, no POS system can fit every type of business; however, Bepoz is so expertly engineered that it can fit perfectly within just about any type of organization. Retirement homes specifically can function far more optimally with the help of Bepoz.

Flexible & Intuitive

A retirement home might have multiple buildings on its grounds and/or multiple locations around a city. They could even have numerous retirement homes around the country, or a mixture of different types of medical facilities. All of the locations would have independent managers, staff and procedures; each facility could have very different needs, data to manage as well as different tax requirements. Bepoz is so intuitive and dynamic, a business owner or manager could easily create and apply different interfaces for each business, citywide or beyond, simultaneously using just one back-end system for product ordering and keeping track of inventory while organizing tax codes and analytics for each location.

No-Risk to Try

Bepoz offers low monthly pricing and no expensive hardware or setup costs. There’s also a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied. We’re so confident Bepoz will be the ideal fit for your retirement home, we’ll refund your first month’s subscription if you’re not completely satisfied. Give Bepoz a try, and experience how much smoother your retirement home business can run.

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Bepoz Demo From a Pro

Bepoz is one of the most powerful yet flexible solutions available. It's worth having a pro give you a guided tour.

Bepoz Demo From a Pro

Bepoz is one of the most powerful yet flexible solutions available. It's worth having a pro give you a guided tour.