System Options

bepoz transactions - System OptionsEvery business needs a competitive advantage and even a little help with visibility into the business. When you implement a POS System you expect to take care of certain things as you use it. The Bepoz suite of business management software has you covered end-to-end. We’re built to help you keep an eye on your business even when your not looking. Things like Employee Security, Data Security, and System Redundancies.

  • Temporary & Permanent Offline Modes
  • Set Job Role and even Station Based Permissions
  • You Own Your Database – Not Sharing One With Others
  • Report From Anywhere

We have multiple platform options to choose from such as Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and the Hybrid Cloud. All of which have their benefits and drawbacks. These may seem complicated, but we’re service focused you will see that we’re here to help you pick what fits you best. At the end of the day accessing the system is as easy as a Swipe, Scan, Pin, Finger Print, or even RFID. Making sales is a cinch. Tracking Inventory the way we do is one of the best in the business. The Reporting, Audits, and Alerts are where you will find most of your ROI. We don’t just have “canned” reports. You can easily run custom reports, save them for you or everyone, email them as a scheduled event, and even run formulas on fields within the report. The Policy of PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)…better yet the Practice of PCI is very much a part of the Bepoz software. Set password change polices and control who has access to sensitive data. All of our integrated payment solutions are designed to further protect you from a costly breach.

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