Point of Sale Vouchers

Voucher System

The extensive internal Bepoz voucher system is one of the most advanced features in Bepoz. Vouchers can be used in a point of sale system in innumerable ways. One example would be printing a coupon out of the receipt printer based on a customer purchasing a particular product or a product that is part of group like appetizers. The coupon that is issued is trackable and cannot be duplicated. It could have an expiration date from the time it is issued. This will help incentivize customers to come back more frequently. The coupon issued could be for almost any discount of any item or group of items you chose. Experimenting with the coupon issued can help you to find what brings customers back most often.

Vouchers can also be issued automatically to loyal customers or customers that have a membership. For instance, you may have a wine club that allows members to get one free bottle of wine from a specific list of wines once per month. You could have a prepaid club that allows for x number of products from some group every month. The membership could also allow the member to receive a certain number of services per month, week, etc. All of these can be managed by the power of vouchers. There are many other examples of how this system can work. In fact there are so many examples, it is not possible to list them all here.


  • Vouchers allow a discount to be stored and issued with an expiration X days after issuance.
  • Can define the number of times a voucher can be redeemed.
  • Can define the expiration time from issuance.
  • Are always validated upon redemption so that any voucher cannot be redeemed more than the number of times allowed by definition.
  • Can be attached to a specific customer account so it can only be accessed by that customer.
  • Can be issued with a barcode on a receipt so that any person carrying the barcode can redeem the voucher.
  • Can define which products or groups a voucher can be applied to.
  • Can be limited to a particular store or group of stores.
  • Can be limited to being issued or redeemed on a particular schedule.
  • Can be awarded:
    • Based on the number of transactions for a customer.
    • On your birthday or the month of your birthday.
    • Based on the number of points you have in your loyalty account.
    • Based on total purchases.
    • Based on the number of products purchased from a particular product or group of products.
    • Randomly to every X number of transactions.

Some Examples (There are hundreds of possible options):

  • Buy a draft beer and get $1 off another draft beer tonight only.
  • Buy an entrée and get a free appetizer on your next visit within 2 weeks.
  • Spend $50 and get a voucher for $5 off your next purchase of products that are part of particular group of products.
  • And much, much more…


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