Point of Sale Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift Cards

Bepoz point of sale offers many options in the market for gift cards. Whether you have an existing relationship with a third party gift card system that you would like to integrate into your point of sale system, or you would like to save transaction fees by managing the cards internally, Bepoz has the ability to sell and redeem your gift cards as well as manage your gift card balances. As long as it is possible to export the balances from your existing gift card platform, Bepoz can work with existing gift cards and balances that were issued by another system. You won’t have to throw away your old gift cards and start all over again, and your customers will have a method to continue to redeem their cards with your new system. The internal gift card system in Bepoz can be used by a single location or by accessed across multiple locations.

Gift Certificates

If your operation uses gift certificates instead of gift cards, Bepoz has a solution. Gift Certificates have not lost their popularity for many valid reasons and Bepoz also has a complete Gift Certificate system built in. You do not have to buy a separate system and the Bepoz system Gift Certificate system is fully integrated like all the Bepoz modules. The certificates can be for a specific amounts or the amount can be entered when they are sold. The certificate is tracked by Bepoz and cannot be over redeemed while at the same time it can be redeemed in partial amounts over several transactions. The certificate has a barcode printed on it for scanning or the random number can be keyed in at the POS terminal for redemption.

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