Software as a Service (SaaS) POS

Bepoz’s SaaS Offers Applications That Will Benefit Any Business

Becoming a Thing of the Past

The Software as a Service (SaaS) concept is many times associated with the Application Service Providers (ASPs) of the 90s. However, ASPs are single-tenant applications, inhibiting their ability to share processes and data with other applications. Our SaaS application deploys upgrades and patches to the application and leveraging the power of the Internet.

Customize Your Business Solutions

Our SaaS pos gives you the ability to customize your business solutions to facilitate your business’ processes. These processes include customer relations, supply-chain management, as well as finances.There are numerous opportunities to use Bepoz’s SaaS application in your business.

Some are:

  1. Payment Processing Applications
  2. Inventory Management Applications
  3. Reporting Services


Why Choose Bepoz’s SaaS?

As a retailer, you face several challenges when evaluating the software you need to run your business.

Some of the factors you need to consider include:Investment costs – while those with numerous stores may not have difficulty investing in a central system, small business and new chains may find it daunting. That is why Bepoz offers a month-to-month subscription.

Your Understanding of Information Technology Operations – a successful retailer is usually more competent in relation to customer needs and services/products than they are of Information Technology Operations. This is where Bepoz’s 38 years of experience makes an enormous difference.

Deployment – the traditional software has to be installed and then maintained by technicians who travel from one store to the next. This results in high costs with a limited peak capacity. Our SaaS application is simple to use because it is windows software. It offers full point of sale strength, as well as mobility.

Data Sharing – Sharing information using other kinds of applications can be easy with Headquarters, but is somewhat complex when it comes time to sharing with third parties.

These third parties include:

  1. Independent Logistics
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Product Catalogs


Even exchanging customer data with another chain for joint-loyalty programs can be difficult.

Store Directly on Your Device

Bepoz s SaaS software stores directly on your device. You can try to adopt new features as they fit your customer base and business model without concern for spikes in internal information technology. Large enterprise retailers, restaurants and independent stores can benefit from our software. Contact us today to learn more.

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