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One of the Most Advance Reporting Systems in the Point of Sale Market

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Bepoz is NOT like a glorified cash register where you have to dig to find actionable data. We look to solve practical problems to give you tangible visibility into the business. The reporting alone should elevate profitability just by being able to make good decisions. The whole reason for purchasing a POS System is to use it by making transactions and then getting incredible reports for analysis. The pursuit of top-quality Reporting and Analysis is at the very heart of Bepoz. Consequently, when you see what we can do you’ll be impressed with just how powerful we can be out of the box.


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A Business Workflow

We have tied together features and functions to create a business workflow evolving from even the simplest of reports. Bepoz can send an alert based on an automated inventory aging report of some items that have been sitting for awhile. You can use our customer loyalty system to setup a promotion to give a certain subset of customers a great deal on those products. With the click of a button, you can send out an SMS text or an Email from the system telling these customers about the promo. For walk-ins you can also motivate the staff by setting up an internal staff promotion. Announce to the staff, with the internal messaging of the system, that the top-seller of that product for the week gets a $25 Gift Card. Run a report to identify the winner.

Automatic Reports on a Schedule

Receive your reports by email on your defined schedule so that, if you are away from your business, your reports will be waiting for you when you login in to your email. With Bepoz Point of Sale, you can define the time of day, day of the week, month or year you would like to receive any report, even custom reports.

Web Reporting

You can pick the reports up on your Smart phone, iPad or Laptop, whenever you choose. With Bepoz POS you can access your reports on the go through our Bepoz web reporting module.

Flexible Time Periods

Bepoz knows your business calendar and automatically creates the end of each period instantly. The end of the period does not affect any operator at a POS terminal or at a computer workstation.

Customizable Reporting

Bepoz comes with a series of “standard” reports that you can modify to suit your exact requirements by creating your own reports. Customize almost any report by adding hundreds of possible fields. Add custom formulas to augment the information to get to the particular piece of information that will take your business to the next level. Once the report is created, filter every viewable column of the report with easy to use filters. This is in every area of the reporting system: Cash and payments, Product Sales, Operator performance, and customer/member sales.

Charts and Graphs

Almost every report in Bepoz allows the report to include a second period for comparison and to turn the report into a graph.

Analysis Reports

Instead of just telling you that you have 6 units of product “Y” in store “A,” this module will make an intelligent analysis of this product in this store and actually recommend what you should do with it. There are other reports available here such as Supplier Cost movements. These can organized by product and in whatever period you request.

This explains just some of the options available with the exceptional reporting system in Bepoz. Be sure to ask your Bepoz representative about the reports and reporting concepts that you want. They can show you exactly what you want in their demonstration.

  • A Sample of Some Reporting Features.
    • Schedule and send any report by email
    • Accessed any report on the web
    • Fully customized any report
    • Can save all reports with custom layouts, filters and formulas
    • Can create custom formulas in any report
    • Can filter in multiple ways on any field available in any report
    • Add hundreds of possible fields to customize reports
    • Have fully customizable dashboards
    • Have in depth inventory analysis reports including
      • Overstock/understock
      • ROI
      • Inventory turns
      • Poor selling products
      • Cost changes
    • A full suite of audit reports that report on actions at the point of sale and back office including every button press.
    • Can create custom reports within Bepoz using SQL.


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