Customer Engagement

See When Promotions Are Needed

Bepoz is built to help you recognize when promotions are needed and identify sets of customers who are most likely to respond. There are multiple mechanisms in the POS software to accomplish this. Product promotions  are designed to discount based on action. Customer Loyalty promotions are meant to provide incentive to patrons for some level of commitment or habit. We even have random prize promotions in the system to get the element of surprise built into your loyalty program.We have one of the best integrated customer loyalty systems out there and its worth taking a peek.

More Targeted Advertising

Onboard, there multiple methods of transmitting promotions such as our dynamic Digital Customer Display for product or promotion related Videos and Images right at the POS or end-caps. We offer customer inquiry terminals or door check-in stations.

Replace other services with our Email and SMS functionality which sends instant messages to customers or members right from the system. When you need to track redemption, use our powerful Voucher System for tangible things like Gift Cards or Coupons. Apply Vouchers to Customer Accounts or Profiles so that they just show up on their bill or invoice to surprise them on their next visit.

Robust Membership Tracking 

An even higher level of customer tracking is our Membership System. Track billing for dues and subscriptions. At events when members check-in, you can see everything that they purchased to better understand purchasing habits. Apply tiers of benefit within the system and graduate members manually or automatically as needed.

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