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Try The BEPOZ POS System

Try The BEPOZ POS System

With a 30-day Money Back Guarantee*

With a 30-day Money Back Guarantee*

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Manage Multiple Locations

With Bepoz POS software, its just as easy to manage 1000 Locations as it is 2. Scheduling menus and product pricing to analyzing sales on one or many locations is a snap.

Get Mobile & Go Anywhere

Mobility is vital in today's world. Bepoz mobile POS will have you taking orders all the way to counting inventory on a handheld ... Did we mention anywhere?

Engage Your Customers

Engaging existing customers and gaining new ones has never been simpler. From SMS to Email to Prize Promotions, Bepoz has you covered.

Bepoz Is More Than Point of Sale Software - It's Your Business Control Center

Bepoz is Built Different… No POS System is one-size-fits-all, but if you’re looking for the best POS software for your business, there’s a good chance that Bepoz is what you’re looking for. Bepoz is so well engineered that we fit perfectly in various types of restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and even stadiums or event venues. Yes, Bepoz point of sale software absolutely has features tailored for individual business segments, but let’s take a second to demonstrate just how powerful our POS software can be. For example, a business owner in San Diego has a bar, a fine dining restaurant in Denver, and a movie theater in New York. All of which have their own staff and managers that all have very different needs; not to mention different tax requirements. The great thing about Bepoz is that from his San Diego office he can easily create and apply different staff interfaces for each business, but he can use one back-end POS system for setting up tax codes, product ordering, inventory, and analytics at each location. It’s a wild example, but wouldn’t you say that’s pretty powerful point of sale?

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Customer Testimony: Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort

Gary Lambert, the Palm Creek’s Operations Manager, said the POS in their pro shop wasn’t doing what they needed:

“It was ok for retail, but it didn’t work well for any of the other things that we currently use Bepoz for. It was limited in scope, and we didn’t care for it a whole lot”.