Palm Creek RV Resort Case Study

Versatility is Key for Golf and RV Resort

Playing a round of golf, taking a stained glass workshop, and ending the day with a beverage near the pool might be a typical day for one of the visitors at the Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona. One of over 60 such communities owned by Sun Communities, Inc., this active 55+ community offers more than 165 social activities a week. And it does it all smoothly now that a recently installed Bepoz Point-of-Sale (POS) system is managing the workflow, sales, and so much more!

Gary Lambert, Palm Creek’s Operations Manager says they were using a POS in their pro shop, but it wasn’t cutting it.

“It was ok for retail, but it didn’t work well for any of the other things that we currently use Bepoz for. It was limited in scope, and we didn’t care for it a whole lot,” says Lambert.

Palm Creek made the switch to Bepoz’s system because of its versatility. The software runs 11 tills between four departments— activities, bistro, pool bar, mailroom, and the pro shop.  The ability to run all these operations is a unique feature in the POS industry that Bepoz does well.

“It’s the same system,” says Lambert. “It’s just different set ups for different departments. It’s very versatile. We’ve been very pleased with it.”

A Daily Basis – More Reasons Why Bepoz Is Better

In the bistro, there are two tills. When the server rings up a sandwich during lunch hour, the information is transmitted remotely back to a kitchen printer. Then the food is prepared and served to the guests.

“It’s really smoothed out our work flow,” says Lambert.

In the activities department, Lambert says they offer lots of entertainment for the guests. They can sell anywhere from 300-400 tickets for one show. With Bepoz, they are able to manage their ticket sales, and see what shows are selling. If a show is sold out, they consider adding another one.

Before Bepoz, the mailroom used a cash register to sell stamps. Now Bepoz’s software keeps track of the sales. It also keeps track of the sales in the golf pro shop as well as managing inventory.

“The problems it solves for us here are huge,” says Lambert. “We have about 3000 individual line-items for sale in the pro shop. If you add up the quantities, it’s in the thousands. It’s golf balls, jackets, hats, etc. It’s really helped us manage our inventory.”

“It’s very easy to maintain. It’s very easy to use. It gives us virtually no problems,” says Lambert.

Sun Communities has been using Bepoz since 2014. Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort was one of their first properties to implement the software. Now more than 60 of Sun Communities’ properties use Bepoz to run their restaurants, bars, grocery stores, camp ground stores, golf pro shops, and other operations with one central enterprise administration for their head office.