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Inventory Management for Multiple Locations with Enterprise POS Solutions

Does your business have multiple locations? Do you struggle with keeping track of inventory from store to store? Do you find yourself running short on supplies at one location while having a surplus at others? Are you confused about inventory management? These are issues that are unfortunately common in both retail and food service establishments

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Inventory Management for Multiple Locations with Enterprise POS Solutions
20 Nov

How to Become An Expert At Balancing Your Cash Register Drawer

Do you open your cash register drawer and just deposit money without any type of system or checks and balances? If you do, you could be damaging your business without even knowing it. Why? Because balancing your cash register drawer has to do with all kinds of payment methods like mobile payments, credit/debit, checks, and

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Cash Register System
21 Aug

Pros and Cons of Offline Credit Card Processing

The days of businesses only accepting cash as a form of payment are almost extinct. According to a 2018 survey by TSYS, 80% of those surveyed prefer credit or debit as forms of payment. Many businesses realize that in order to stay competitive, accepting cards are a must. But what happens if a power outage

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Jason Briscoe
24 Jul

5 Ways to Make Sure Your SMS Text Marketing is Compliant

It’s one of the most widely used forms of consumer communication—SMS messaging. With a 98% text open rate vs a 20% email open rate, it’s clear to see why so many businesses are including SMS text marketing as a part of their strategy to boost sales. In this two-way communication between customer and business, there

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Mobile POS System
26 Jun

What You Need To Know About High-Risk Merchant Accounts

It can be a big let down, frustration, or even deterrent to customers when they find out you are a cash-only business, especially if they want to buy something with no cash on hand. While it’s standard practice to accept electronic payment these days, perhaps your business is considered high-risk, which is the reason why

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What You Need To Know About High-Risk Merchant Accounts
17 Apr

Credit Card Processing Fees: Learning The Basics

In our digital society, accepting cash-only at your business may be becoming more of a detriment to your bottom line. In 2017, 78% of consumers, through a survey, said they prefer to pay for goods or services with credit or debit cards. In order to stay competitive, it’s almost a must that you accept several

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Restaurant POS SYstem
23 Jan

POS Basics: Defining Popular POS Terms

As point-of-sale (POS) technology continues to advance, the cash registerbegins to fade away seeming more and more like a vintage machine. POS systems make life a lot easier for retail/restaurant owners and employees. It’s not just useful for sales transactions, but it offers many other useful features as well. Today we keep things basic by

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Donut Shop POS System
16 Jan

Top 18 Small Business Tax Deductions You Don’t Want To Miss

The holidays are over and it’s now time to start collecting invoices and receipts as that first step toward tax filing. It’s not always the most fun task, unless of course, you’re finding ways to save money for your business. That is what we’ve set out to do—help you find money for your business. Here is

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Business Tax Calculation
04 Jan

Business Loan vs. Merchant Cash Advance

Every business requires extra funds from time to time. Whether you have a current challenge or foresee a future one, it’s good to know your financial options. Do you know the difference between a business loan vs. a merchant cash advance (MCA)? Which one would work best for your business? Today we take a little

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Business Loans
21 Nov