5 Ways to Make Sure Your SMS Text Marketing is Compliant

It’s one of the most widely used forms of consumer communication—SMS messaging. With a 98% text open rate vs a 20% email open rate, it’s clear to see why so many businesses are including SMS text marketing as a part of their strategy to boost sales. In this two-way communication between customer and business, there are some regulations that must be followed by the business in order to stay compliant with consumer privacy regulations. Here are 5 Ways to Make Sure Your SMS text marketing is compliant

1. Consent

Just because someone gives you their contact info doesn’t mean you can text them. You must gather appropriate written consent for texting. If a customer signs up for email notifications and you decide to also text them too, you are violating the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). It must be a part of your process to ask a customer if they want to be contacted via SMS text messaging.

2. Expectations

During the sign up process the customer must clearly know what they will be receiving via text. You can add this to customer surveys or to your predefined content which can be sent to a customer during a conversation.

3. Data Rates

Make sure the customer knows up front that data rates may apply. This disclaimer can be added to the call to action on a website, or promotional print materials before they even sign up. It’s best the customer knows from you first, instead of on a bill from their mobile provider.

4. Confirmation

Once the customer signs up, usually via text, send them a welcome confirmation text with opt-out instructions. Usually all they have to do is text STOP to stop receiving texts from you. Ask them if it’s ok to text back and forth with them, even though they may have texted you first.

5. Opt-Outs

If someone decides to opt-out of your SMS text messaging program, honor their request. If you keep texting anyway, it’s a sure way to loose customers fast.

Is your business utilizing SMS text marketing as a part of your strategy to increase sales? Are you compliant with TCPA laws? Don’t forget to utilize your point-of-sale POS system to help store your customer data, schedule text messages, and evaluate your campaigns through reporting and analytics. With Bepoz POS systems, you can do all that and more. Learn more about our SMS text marketing features by setting up a free demo today!