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30 Sep

Tobacco Store Employee Permissions

Do you want to manage your tobacco store employee permissions better? The different employees at your tobacco store have varied duties. Some may need access to special reports while others only need to assist customers at the point of sale. Watch this video below on how Bepoz can help you to manage permissions for your

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23 Sep

Tobacco Store Theft Prevention, Security, And Cash Controls

Do you want to learn more about tobacco store threat prevention, security, and cash controls? If so, you’re in the right place! Theft is a major problem in tobacco stores. With the need for security growing stronger each day, you need a point-of-sale system you can count on. Watch the video below on how Bepoz

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16 Sep

Tobacco Store Customer Loyalty Programs

How to grow your tobacco store business with a customer loyalty program? Customer loyalty programs have been proven to be effective at retaining customers time and time again. This is especially true in the tobacco industry, which can be very competitive. Watch the video below on how Bepoz can help you manage your program. 

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09 Sep

Tobacco Store Age Verification

Tobacco stores must verify the age of their customers before they are legally permitted to process a sale. Watch the video below as we discuss how Bepoz manages age verification for tobacco stores and also learn how to understand tobacco laws better.   Understanding Tobacco Laws There is a federal law that places the minimum

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02 Sep

Cartons And Packs For Tobacco Stores

Tobacco stores have needs that are special only to them. Watch our video on how Bepoz Point of Sale Systems will help your tobacco store to be more profitable and easier to run. Also, learn how you should manage your cartons and packs for your tobacco store and how you should optimize your tobacco store

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26 Aug

Tobacco Store POS Features You Should Know About

A good point of sale system is a necessity for every retail environment. Tobacco stores need point-of-sale systems that are customized just for them. Watch the video below as we talk about some of the excellent features of Bepoz’s tobacco store POS system that are ideal for your shop.  POS Features You Should Know

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12 Aug

Liquor Store Beer Case Breaks

Liquor stores can increase both profit and customer satisfaction by allowing case breaks. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on your inventory records. Watch the video below on how your beer case break needs can be met and how to get your inventory under control with Bepoz’s Point of Sale for Liquor Stores.  Why You

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05 Aug

Liquor Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers

Many liquor stores sell to wholesale customers. It can be difficult to track these wholesale orders along with your retail business. Watch the video below as we explain how selling to wholesale customers can be painless and manageable with Bepoz.  Liquor stores that sell to wholesale customers have unique needs. You don’t have to

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29 Jul

POS For Liquor Store With A Bar

If you have a liquor store that also has a bar, you may believe you must have a POS for your liquor store with a bar and for your retail areas. Watch the video below for details on how Bepoz works in all areas of your liquor store business.  Point of Sale for Liquor

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22 Jul

Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display (Rear Display)

Customers like to verify that they are not being overcharged. The easiest way to do this is with a customer-facing display, also known as a rear display. Watch the video below as we talk about the liquor store customer-facing displays available through Bepoz Point of Sale Systems.  Liquor Store Customer-Facing Display: Charges to Customers

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