POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers

Wholesale and retail are two entirely different worlds. This can lead to a lot of confusion. You need a point-of-sale solution that can manage your wholesale customers as well as your retail customers. Watch the video below as we show you how Bepoz can improve your wholesale business without sacrificing your retail sales by showing you the benefits you can receiving from a POS for tobacco stores that sell to wholesale customers.

Tobacco Stores & Wholesale Customers

Your tobacco store may sell to a wide variety of clients. Among those might be bars, clubs, restaurants, bodegas, or hotels. Basically, you can allow any business that wants to purchase from you to function as a wholesale client.

Wholesale customers are wholly different from retail customers. With most retail exchanges, you simply swipe a bar code, take their payment, and move on. Wholesale customers need to buy in bulk, which means different forms of payment, delivery, and taxation.

Special Needs for Wholesale Customers

Bepoz Point of Sale Systems makes your job easier and faster when it comes to managing wholesale accounts. Bepoz POS for tobacco stores is able to hold all of the needed details for each account. Some of these details include ABC license number and tax identification number. You can also hold standard information like contact data and addresses if you provide delivery.

When your customer makes a purchase, our POS for tobacco stores pulls up the customer and can automatically remove customer taxes if they qualify for tax-free purchasing. If you have special discounting for a specific customer, Bepoz can retain that information as well. In addition, your customers can pay however they like. Bepoz Point of Sale Systems allows them to pay with cash or credit. You can even set up credit terms that allow your wholesale customers to make purchases using the amount of store credit you wish to extend to them.

Wholesale customers are just as important as retail customers. For many tobacco stores, wholesale customers make up the bulk of their clients. This is why Bepoz Tobacco Store POS Systems provides customization for tobacco stores that sell to wholesale customers. We are the solution you need for this and every other point-of-sale issue. Call us today.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:37 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers:  Create Wholesale Customer Accounts
1:11 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers:  Seven Levels For Discounting
2:23 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Customizable POS
2:41 Track Accounts Receivables

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for tobacco stores. In this video, we’re talking about Bepoz’s capability of handling wholesale business in a tobacco store.

So there are many tobacco stores that sell wholesale business to other tobacco stores or other stores. And when they do this, they often need some way to be able to track that, adjust their taxes, keep track of accounts receivable, and keep track of discounts that those customers have available to them.

0:37 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Create Wholesale Customer Accounts

So the way that Bepoz does this is we have an account that’s created for each wholesale customer and that account created for that wholesale customer could keep track of their tax ID, could keep track of any other kind of information you need to have on them, their email address or whatever, and also could keep track of things like if they have a tax ID and they’re supposed to get that wholesale product tax free, it will adjust the transaction automatically to make the transaction tax-free.

1:11 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Seven Levels For Discounting

If they have a discount that’s automatically applied, Bepoz has up to seven levels of discounting for customers, and also the ability to do unique discounting per customer for unique discount levels.

So in this case, I could have, you know, discount customers who’ve, you know, buy the less than ten thousand dollars a year and they’re at price level one, customers from ten thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars get price level two and so forth, right? And you have different levels that decide what their discount is and that pricing for those wholesale customers could be a markup from cost, a discount from retail, or just be some specific pricing that you’ve decided.

Now, the other option is that we’ve got custom pricing for some customer, and sometimes this is all products across the board for some specific customer, or it could be negotiated price because this customer buys a lot of this specific kind of product and they’re buying so much that they’ve negotiated a specific price for that. 

2:23 POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers: Customizable POS

In those cases then, Bepoz could set up a promotion for that product, that customer specifically, that whenever that customer record is pulled up, it will automatically apply their special discounting to those specific products or to all products, again.

2:41 Track Accounts Receivables

Also, Bepoz has the capacity to track the accounts receivable from those customers along with credit limits. So we could set up a credit limit, this customer can do up to five hundred dollars, and if they get beyond five hundred dollars, it won’t let them charge any more to their charge account. 

Now, we could always make a wholesale customer pay cash or credit card, but if you want to allow terms with one of those customers, you could keep track of how much they owe you and what their credit limit is and whether they’ve paid you.

So those are just a few ideas of how you can use Bepoz to manage your wholesale business, your wholesale tobacco business specifically. If you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you, we’d love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.