Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management

Managing multiple Tobacco or Cigar stores takes a massive amount of effort. Your point of sale system must be able to work with you and your growing business. Watch the video below as we discuss the needs that are met with Bepoz’s tobacco store POS multi-location management system.

Managing Multiple Stores

Every tobacco store needs a point-of-sale solution. If you have more than one store, do you need a separate POS for each? With most software solutions, the answer is yes. That is not the case with Bepoz’s point of sale. Our product was made for tobacco store multi-location management. No matter how many stores you have, Bepoz is here for you.

Why Central Management is Important

You already know how important it is to manage your discounts, promotions, inventory, sales, and reporting at your tobacco store. You have to do this with all of your stores. It’s more convenient and helpful to be able to run promotions from a single, central location than to have to manage each store on an individual basis. You can run promotions throughout your fleet of stores. Customers can join a loyalty program that works at any of the stores in your region. You can also compare inventory and sales from store to store to learn what products are selling best in each location.

Limit Permissions Across Locations

One of the greatest features of Bepoz for multi-locations is the ability to manage access to various reports. However, not everyone at every location should have access to the same reports. Bepoz lets you restrict information based on location and responsibilities.

So Much More

All of these features are just the beginning of what Bepoz has to offer your multi-store locations. The program also offers incredible inventory control, the ability to transfer inventory from a central warehouse or between stores, the management of gift cards that work in all of your locations, and even multiple revenue centers. If you sell alcohol, food, or retail items, you can still use Bepoz to manage all of your point-of-sale needs.

Are you ready to learn more about multi-location management with Bepoz? Give us a call! We will discuss Bepoz Tobacco Store POS software and answer any questions you may have.


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:22 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Central Location Management
1:45 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Employee Permissions
2:20 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Multiple-Location Inventory Control
2:48 Reporting Options

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for tobacco stores, and in this video, we’re going to talk about Bepoz’s capabilities to handle many locations.

0:22 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Central Location Management

So Bepoz can handle pretty much as many stores as you can throw at us. The system is designed to handle your reporting across all your locations, potentially customer loyalty, and allow you to earn at one location and redeem at another location, to be able to centrally set up your products and inventory and distribute that to all your stores. So you can make the product once and distribute it so all of your stores have that product for sale as well as the inventory, and do transfers between locations. 

It’s also possible for Bepoz to manage your gift cards. So you could issue a gift card at one location and redeem it at another location. And it is important for us to note that the way that many multiple-location tobacco store chains operate may be different.

So some of these stores may operate in a manner where it’s centrally managed by head office employees who do all the ordering for the stores, all the product set-up, all of those things, and other operations operate where there’s a little bit of distributed management. Managers at stores can make individual decisions, individual orders, or other different components of the operation.

1:45 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Employee Permissions

And Bepoz can handle in both of those environments or even in a hybrid environment where some is done at the head office and some is done at the store.

It’s also important to note that if you have franchises that are owned by separate owners, there they could still be operating in Bepoz, be able to see their franchise or franchise stores, franchise group, but not be able to see head office information, and their cost of their products might be different than the products from stores and they’re buying it from the head office.

2:20 Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management: Multiple-Location Inventory Control

From an inventory standpoint, Bepoz can support multi-location operations where products are purchased and centrally and brought into a warehouse, and distributed to the other stores, as well as purchases that are made from the store and sent directly to the store. And in many of our customer cases, they might have a hybrid approach. Some products are bought centrally and some products are bought and purchased directly to the store.

2:48 Reporting Options

So there are lots of options available for your multi-store operation, and one of the most powerful tools is really reporting. Every report in Bepoz is built upon this multi-location concept.

So you can drill down and look at a specific store, but you could also look at a region of stores, or you could look at the enterprise, and depending on your permission for reporting, it might decide what you can see. So if I’m a store manager, I might be able to see only my store from a reporting standpoint, and if I’m a regional manager, I might be able to see only my region of stores, and then if I’m somebody higher than the regional manager, I might be able to see all of the stores, and every report in Bepoz has that capacity to be able to drill down at any level and be able to segment by store or by region or and so forth. 

And in some of our customer cases, they might have stores that have multiple revenue centers. I might sell a tobacco store with a bar or something like that and be able to segment those as well.

So if you would like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help your multi-store chain grow, we would love to talk to you. You can give us a call at the number at the top of your screen or click on the link below.