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Marketing and Promotions

With Bepoz, you can change the price of a product based on the time of the day, day of the week, month, year etc, without having to manually manage the price changes. Product Promotion allows you to set a product, or group of products, to be at a promotional price for a specific interval of time. This can then be extended to be only offered to “members” at the special price or only through specific outlets or a combination of both.

The reward could be a discount on specific products to be redeemed one time between specified dates, a printed barcode on a receipt, or an addition to a digital record. Prize Promotions are also possible. If a customer purchases a certain number of products, they could receive a reward or voucher.

You can also gather customer email addresses and mobile phone numbers and use this information to send them emails and text messages with additional rewards and incentives. Find out more about our email and text messaging features.

All of these complex scenarios and much more can be managed through the power of Bepoz marketing and promotions system.

Bepoz has the ability to define price changes by:

  • A Sample of Promotion Options – Bepoz has the ability to define price changes by
    • Date/Time
      • Time of day
      • Day of the week
      • Start date and end date
      • Day of the month
      • Day of the year
    • Product
      • Individual products
      • Product groups
    • Price
      • Percent discount
      • Discount Amount
      • New product price
    • Multiple units and mix and match where X is either a product or mix and match from a group of products
      • Buy X get $Y off
      • Buy X get Y% off
      • Buy X and get the lowest priced item at Y% off
      • Buy X and get the last item at Y% off
      • Buy X and get the group of products for $Y
      • Buy X and get the group of products for $Y off
      • More varieties of Mix and Match than could be listed
      • Many more options

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