Why Choose Bepoz?

bepoz support - Why Choose Bepoz?We’ve been in business over 30 years and we’ve been a software-as-a-service (Saas) model so long for many different reasons. First, with no upfront licensing fees it makes the system affordable for businesses to get into.

  • Mature and Full Featured POS Software
  • Affordable Pricing Model
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support Included


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Secondly, because of ongoing issues like ever changing PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) for credit card processing. And not to mention expansive tax variations and alterations that happen all the time. With Bepoz all your updates are complimentary with your subscription. Most importantly, it keeps us on our toes to serve you best. Since there is no-long-term-contract if we don’t do exactly what your business needs then you will stop using us with very little investment lost. That’s why we need to not only get you working smarter everyday, but we need to keep you doing that. If we don’t we’re out of business.


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