09 Dec

POS For Tobacco Stores That Sell To Wholesale Customers

Wholesale and retail are two entirely different worlds. This can lead to a lot of confusion. You need a point-of-sale solution that can manage your wholesale customers as well as your retail customers. Watch the video below as we show you how Bepoz can improve your wholesale business without sacrificing your retail sales by showing

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02 Dec

Tobacco Store Customer Facing Display (Rear Display)

A customer-facing display gives tobacco buyers confidence that their purchases are correctly rung up. It also serves to show promotions to customers while they are checking out. Watch the video below as we talk about some benefits of having an optimized tobacco store customer-facing display (rear display) in your tobacco business.  Increase Customer Confidence

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25 Nov

Tobacco Store Analytics & Reporting

Owners and managers of tobacco stores have unique needs when it comes to analyzing store data. Watch the video below as we provide information about the tobacco store analytics and reporting tools available through Bepoz Point of Sale Systems.  Tobacco Store Analytics and Reporting: Custom Reporting for Tobacco Stores Too many store reporting tools

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18 Nov

Tobacco Store Inventory Optimization

Optimizing your inventory means that you make the most of your products without over- or underbuying. In the video below, let’s explain how Bepoz Point of Sale Systems provides powerful tobacco store inventory optimization tools for your tobacco business. And you will also learn how to optimize your savings via your inventory reporting.  Inventory

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11 Nov

Tobacco Store POS Multi-Location Management

Managing multiple Tobacco or Cigar stores takes a massive amount of effort. Your point of sale system must be able to work with you and your growing business. Watch the video below as we discuss the needs that are met with Bepoz’s tobacco store POS multi-location management system.  Managing Multiple Stores Every tobacco store

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04 Nov

Tobacco Store POS Promotions And Discounts

Tobacco store promotions encourage customers to return to your place of business for all of their tobacco needs. Watch the video below as this video discusses tobacco store POS promotions and discounts that can be offered through your POS system and how to keep employees from abusing these discounts.  Promotions, Customer Retention, and Employee

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30 Sep

Tobacco Store Employee Permissions

Do you want to manage your tobacco store employee permissions better? The different employees at your tobacco store have varied duties. Some may need access to special reports while others only need to assist customers at the point of sale. Watch this video below on how Bepoz can help you to manage permissions for your

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23 Sep

Tobacco Store Theft Prevention, Security, And Cash Controls

Do you want to learn more about tobacco store threat prevention, security, and cash controls? If so, you’re in the right place! Theft is a major problem in tobacco stores. With the need for security growing stronger each day, you need a point-of-sale system you can count on. Watch the video below on how Bepoz

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16 Sep

Tobacco Store Customer Loyalty Programs

How to grow your tobacco store business with a customer loyalty program? Customer loyalty programs have been proven to be effective at retaining customers time and time again. This is especially true in the tobacco industry, which can be very competitive. Watch the video below on how Bepoz can help you manage your program. 

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09 Sep

Tobacco Store Age Verification

Tobacco stores must verify the age of their customers before they are legally permitted to process a sale. Watch the video below as we discuss how Bepoz manages age verification for tobacco stores and also learn how to understand tobacco laws better.   Understanding Tobacco Laws There is a federal law that places the minimum

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