Boost Your Cigar Store’s Sales With Bepoz POS

The marketplace is a finicky thing. Being profitable requires a lot of hard work and diligent planning. The right cigar store POS needs to be included as part of your profit-building plan. Watch the video below to learn about Bepoz’s Point of Sale Systems and how we can help your business succeed.

Improve Profits With a Cigar Store POS

Gaining trust, building loyalty and establishing a brand are all necessary components of creating a healthy business. Another vital piece of the puzzle is having a point of sale solution that strives to increase your bottom line.

The right POS doesn’t simply take money at the register. It also streamlines your inventory, tracks and analyzes sales, guards against theft, creates a functional customer loyalty program and more.


How Cigar Store Sales Increase With Bepoz

Bepoz is a simple-to-use system. Scanning barcodes with a POS for cigar stores ensures that prices are always accurate. It’s also a speedy system that doesn’t leave your customers frustrated with long wait times. Those are just the basic features of Bepoz, but there is so much more.

Bepoz can be programmed with sales and specials. Your cashiers don’t need to remember which items are on sale; Bepoz remembers them for you. Are you running a buy-one-get-one free promotion? Bepoz remembers that as well. You can input daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal discounts to keep customers coming back for all of these great deals.

Loyalty programs boost your sales as well. Customers will spend more to gain points and earn freebies. Bepoz manages your loyalty program in a simple and flexible way.


More Benefits With Bepoz

Improving sales means always having the right inventory in the right amounts. When you use Bepoz, you have access to a large number of analytic tools. You can see which items are selling best during specific time frames. You will learn about the items that have failed to move. Do you have multiple cigar stores? You can compare and contrast sales from one location to the next.

The Bepoz system automatically removes inventory with each sale. It will then alert you when inventory is low and needs to be re-ordered. You will never suffer from customers frustrated with empty shelves when you use Bepoz to keep track of your orders.

Bepoz POS for Cigar Stores is the right solution for increasing your store sales. Are you ready to take that next step? Call us today!


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:33 POS Management
1:58 Manage Multiple Stores
2:22 Business Tax Management
2:38 Multi-Operation Management


Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for cigar stores. Bepoz is a powerful system that can handle many things that help you optimize your business and increase revenue and reduce your bottom line for your cigar stores. There are videos that cover each of the topics that I’m going to talk about in more detail and if you’d like to review any of those, you should see those videos.


0:33 POS Management

But Bepoz can help you with case breaks. So you have products that you buy in boxes and then sell in sticks. It’s probably the first feature that most customers that have cigar stores ask us. Can you do that? Can I buy it in boxes and sell it in a box and in a stick and deduct the correct inventory and still buy in the correct amounts, and the answer is yes. 

Also, we get many requests for age verification. Can I scan the driver’s license and validate the age or validate that I checked their ID? The answer is yes. 

Can I track their inventory and help optimize their inventory, and we have incredible tools to help you optimize your inventory, reduce cost and inventory on hand while at the same time increasing sales and reducing the amount of time that it takes you to manage your inventory, and that’s one of the biggest features. 

Bepoz also has the ability to give you reporting of all the different aspects of your business and give you data that will help drive better business.

Bepoz has a loyalty program or rewards program so that you can reward your loyalty customers, and it’s been proven that loyalty systems help generate additional revenue and business. If you’re not using a loyalty system, you really want to consider that as a tool for your business. 


1:58 Manage Multiple Stores

Now, you could be doing this for your cigar store, and you might have many cigar stores that are all linked together, and Bepoz can help you link all of your cigar stores together from an inventory standpoint and reporting for loyalty, and all the different aspects of your organization, and there are not many systems that can do that. Bepoz can handle your many store operation.


2:22 Business Tax Management

Bepoz can also handle the unique taxes and tax requirements that can come across in some states for cigars, and Bepoz can also handle wholesale business if you’re selling cigars wholesale to other tobacco shops or cigar shops. 


2:38 Multi-Operation Management

And finally, there are many cigar stores that we talk to that have bars associated with them. So they’re selling liquor, beer, wine, and also are needing to manage inventory on that and tracking tabs and tips and other associated things, and Bepoz is able to handle that as well as their retail cigar part of your business in one system, and that makes us a little bit of a unicorn. You’re not going to find that very often.

So if you’d like to talk to us about how Bepoz can help you improve your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.