Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification

Cigar stores must follow state and federal guidelines when it comes to determining the legal age for shoppers. Watch this video as we cover some of the ways Bepoz’s Cigar Store POS System can help with cigar store age verification.

The Importance of Checking Identification

The legal age to buy tobacco in the United States is regulated by both the federal government and state laws. Simply stated, anyone purchasing tobacco must show proof that they are at least the legal age to make a tobacco purchase.

Each state has its own tobacco laws. In almost all instances, it is required by law for anyone who appears under the age of 30 to show identification before a purchase can take place. Any shop that is caught failing to check identification will face fines or even loss of license.

Validating Age at Point of Sale

Validating the age of the customer seems like an easy task. Unfortunately, it is often a task that is easy to forget. A POS for age verification helps to ensure your employees check for identification with every sale.

Bepoz offers a tool that reminds cashiers to check for age. The customer’s age is then verified by the cashier. This basic service is great, but Bepoz provides an even better cigar store POS option. Cashiers can scan the customer’s identification to keep in the system. Going forward, every time the customer returns, their information is already available. The date of birth is even displayed on the screen for visual validation.

More Benefits from Age Validation

Age verification from Bepoz is not only for tobacco products. Does your store sell alcohol? Bepoz will serve as a reminder to check IDs for those products as well. Do you sell fireworks? If there is an age restriction in your location, you can use Bepoz to verify ID for those products too. Basically, Bepoz is appropriate for any item that has an age restriction.

One of the greatest benefits of age verification is customer retention. When you load your customer’s data into the system, it is easy to add that customer to your loyalty program. They then earn rewards for shopping, which causes them to choose your cigar store above all others.

Do you want an easier way to validate age at the point of sale? Call Bepoz Point of Sale for Cigar Stores now!


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Video Transcript

0:00 Intro
0:18 Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification: POS For Age Verification
1:36 Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification: Using The License For Loyalty

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz point of sale for tobacco stores. In this video, we’re going to talk about the capacity of Bepoz to handle age verification.

0:18 Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification: POS For Age Verification

Now there are multiple ways that Bepoz can handle age verification for your tobacco store. Of course, when you sell a product that requires age verification, Bepoz can prompt for that age verification, but it could prompt in several different ways. 

It could just prompt to remind the cashier, hey, you need to check their age. 

It could make that prompt pop up and display the date of birth that the person needs to be older than on their driver’s license.

Or it could prompt them to scan with the special driver’s license scanner that Bepoz provides to scan the driver’s license, which will validate the age. 

And in any case, that log of the fact that it was age verified, and if the date of birth was entered either by scanning or hand entering, that date of birth will be recorded with the transaction in the transaction log. 

So if you get audited by your tobacco board or whoever it is, ATF, who’s tracking your sales, you could then be able to produce a record that says, hey, we checked the age verification. We scanned it and this was the date of birth or we entered it and this was the date of birth, and we checked it and this is what we checked when they came in. 

1:36 Cigar Store POS With Age and ID Verification: Using The License For Loyalty

Now, an interesting side note of that ability to scan the driver’s license is that once you have a scanner to be able to scan the driver’s license, we could also use that scanner to turn that driver’s license into a loyalty card.

Now there will be a whole nother video on loyalty if you want to explore some of the capacities of Bepoz to handle loyalty, but it is quite unique and a nice feature that you could then scan that driver’s license and use it as their loyalty card because everybody has that drivers license with them everywhere they go, so it will be an easy way to pull up loyalty customers. Of course, you could look them up many other ways, but it is a nice way and a nice add-on to do for them.

So if you’d like to talk to Bepoz about how we can help you with your tobacco store business, we would love to talk to you. You can call us at the number at the top of your screen or click the link below.