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How to Become An Expert At Balancing Your Cash Register Drawer

Do you open your cash register drawer and just deposit money without any type of system or checks and balances? If you do, you could be damaging your business without even knowing it. Why? Because balancing your cash register drawer has to do with all kinds of payment methods like mobile payments, credit/debit, checks, and

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Cash Register System
21 Aug

5 Best Back-To-School Restaurant Promotions

It’s time for school to start back up. That means it’s time for parents to get back in the swing of things like school car pool, nightly homework, and meal planning. Why not create dinner promotions that are irresistible for them to pass up. It’s nice to also include teachers, students, and anyone involved in

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School Promotion
14 Aug

Pros and Cons of Offline Credit Card Processing

The days of businesses only accepting cash as a form of payment are almost extinct. According to a 2018 survey by TSYS, 80% of those surveyed prefer credit or debit as forms of payment. Many businesses realize that in order to stay competitive, accepting cards are a must. But what happens if a power outage

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Jason Briscoe
24 Jul

4 Simple Steps On How To Choose the Best Restaurant Suppliers

Unless you are building your own furniture from trees behind your business, everything you use in your business comes from somewhere else. If you own a restaurant, you will be ordering supplies like food, equipment, alcohol, and more. The quality of your suppliers and what they provide are a huge part of your success or

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Resaurent Grocery
17 Jul

5 Steps to Selling Merchandise At Your Coffee Shop

Whether your customers prefer cold brew to espresso or specialty to a regular cup of Joe; they like coffee. It’s probably safe to say it’s one of America’s favorite beverages. According to the National Coffee Association’s recent annual report, about 35% of coffee drinkers drink their morning brew in a coffee shop.  That’s a pretty

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Coffee Shop
03 Jul

5 Ways to Make Sure Your SMS Text Marketing is Compliant

It’s one of the most widely used forms of consumer communication—SMS messaging. With a 98% text open rate vs a 20% email open rate, it’s clear to see why so many businesses are including SMS text marketing as a part of their strategy to boost sales. In this two-way communication between customer and business, there

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Mobile POS System
26 Jun

Opening A Restaurant? 9 Ways To Make It Stand Out

Chinese, Italian, Greek, you name it—there are more than 1 million restaurants in the United States, and you can expect that number to grow. It’s forecasted that limited services restaurants will increase by 4.9%, while table service restaurants will grow a little slower at 3.3% in 2019. If you are considering opening a restaurant, you’ll

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Kitchen POS System
19 Jun

7 Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotional Ideas

The most popular holiday for dining out is coming up—Mother’s Day According to a survey by the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a record $25 billion this year, up nearly 2 billion from 2018. About 55% of Americans will treat their mothers to a special outing, like dining out, for

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7 Mother’s Day Restaurant Promotional Ideas
02 May