3 Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants During COVID-19 (With POS Integration)

The COVID-19 crisis has taken the entire world by surprise. Every industry is feeling the strain from the rapid changes to the environment. Restaurants have been hit especially hard by stay-at-home orders that have kept diners away. Even when the economy re-opens, many families will choose not to eat out. More and more diners are opting to order in. As a restaurant owner, you will need to make sure you have the best online ordering system for restaurants. How do you do this?

The simple answer to that difficult question is to offer a user-friendly, online ordering platform. Your customers have enough to worry about. The last thing they want is to add more confusion and frustration to days that are already full of stress. Offering online ordering is the best option for you and your customers. However, it is not always as cut-and-dried as adding a menu and a phone number to your website. You need an online ordering system for restaurants that is intuitive and makes ordering easy.

The benefits of online ordering for restaurants are more vast than you might think. In fact, there are three surprising benefits of using an online food ordering system for restaurants. You will find that you are so happy with the online ordering system that you will undoubtedly continue using it well after the COVID-19 crisis has ended.

Online Ordering for Restaurants Simplifies Delivery - 3 Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants During COVID-19 (With POS Integration)

1. Online Ordering for Restaurants Simplifies Delivery

Your customers want to order from you, but there are issues with online ordering for restaurants. Some customers want to schedule orders several hours in advance. Some want their food as quickly as possible. Many customers want their food delivered, but some prefer to have curbside service. How do you manage this when you are already stretched beyond your own capacity?

Bepoz functions as an online ordering system for restaurants that provides you with a user interface that can be customized to fit your restaurant. It simplifies the ordering process, allows your customers to pay for their food online and gives you the ability to create reports to keep track of your sales. You can even use Bepoz along with third-party delivery services like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and More.

The process is easier than you might think. You add the Bepoz platform to your website and let the program take care of the rest. The online ordering software for restaurants lets customers order their food immediately or in advance. They can schedule the food for pick-up or delivery. They can even use the system to pay and provide a tip to the driver.

An issue when it comes to using DoorDash style apps is the high cost to you and your customers. Although this can generate additional business, it does come with a higher cost.

Another possible issue that comes with integrating with aggregator sites is the common problem of having to manage multiple tablets to see when online orders come in. Bepoz solves this problem by integrating with all of the most common online platforms. In this way, when an online order comes in it will print directly to the correct kitchen printers or display on the correct kitchen displays.

To sum up: You and your customers may be happier if you offer an easy-to-use ordering process for food that can be delivered.

Online Ordering for Restaurants Unveils Important Data - 3 Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants During COVID-19 (With POS Integration)

2. Online Ordering Unveils Important Data

A patron’s online ordering habits are very different from their sit-down experiences. With most people choosing take-out or delivery, there have been multiple reports that have tracked the spending habits of these customers.

Online ordering lets you quickly know which menu items are preferred. You can learn if people gravitate toward your lower priced items or your house specialties. You might find that they are apt to order those items that are explained with the most detail. You could even learn that a unique name for a dish is the trigger to customer orders.

The Bepoz online ordering platform for restaurants lets you run reports for online sales vs. in-store sales. You can see how the environment may make a difference in the amount of food and the type that is being ordered.

Having this information about online ordering for restaurants can encourage you to make some changes to your platform. For instance, you may find delivery customers ordering fewer desserts than your dine-in patrons. You will then know to promote your desserts more strongly on your website and on the ordering platform itself. The same might be true with drinks and appetizers.

Online Ordering Improves Inventory Control - 3 Online Ordering Benefits for Restaurants During COVID-19 (With POS Integration)

3. Online Ordering Improves Inventory Control

Not every online ordering platform offers inventory control. However, the platforms that provide the best online ordering for restaurants automatically track and update your inventory. You won’t have to wonder if it is time to order new ingredients or if your daily special has just run out.

A common issue faced by restaurant owners is that their cash registers are often connected to a point-of-sale system that integrates with inventory, but their online systems are treated as a separate entity. Bepoz works seamlessly between online and in-person orders. The system does not treat those orders differently unless you want it to do so.

In short, Bepoz tracks inventory regardless of where or how the order is placed.

Bepoz is a system that helps you create the best possible customer service experience while also helping you with issues like pricing, sales and inventory control. The online ordering software for restaurants can be customized to your restaurant. It can even work with different types of restaurants in multiple locations. Contact us today to learn more about Bepoz and how online ordering for restaurants can be made easier and more profitable.