How to Manage Employee Payroll Deductions for Colleges & Universities

Many colleges and universities offer meal plans to staff and faculty. This small perk can represent cost-savings to all involved. Employees spend less money on meals while the institution profits from additional sales. Likewise, a lunch break in the middle of the day can increase productivity. Watch the video below as Tim explains a better way to manage payroll deductions with the Bepoz payroll deductions POS System for college campuses.

How to Manage Employee Meal Plans

The issue of how to manage these meal plans is brought up time and again by colleges and universities. The schools know that keeping staff on campus is a wise choice. They are aware of the benefits of employees eating together. They also know that employees are more apt to use a meal plan when it is simplified. How do colleges and universities entice staff to take advantage of this benefit in the easiest way possible? Bepoz has a solution: employee payroll deductions.

Payroll Deductions for Colleges and Universities

A payroll deductions POS system is much easier than it sounds. It requires no complicated programming or multi-day training sessions. Employee payroll deductions for food service can be as simple as scanning a barcode, magnetic stripe or tapping a RFID card. When the employee visits the school cafeteria, they can swipe an ID card just like the students. Instead of having the payment come from an account with an existing balance, it is deducted from their payroll.

Deductions With and Without ID Cards

No ID card? No problem! A payroll deductions POS system works just as smoothly with an employee number, phone number or name. The employee can provide this information at the point-of-sale; the cashier enters the data into the system, and Bepoz takes care of the rest. Of course, ID cards are the easiest and safest method for a payroll deductions POS system because there is little to no room for human error. Bepoz works with RFID, bar codes and magnetic strips, so you don’t have to change the type of ID card you already use. 

Contact Bepoz right now to find out if you’re overpaying for your current POS system, learn more about the services we offer that increase your profits and decrease your stress. Payroll deductions for colleges and universities, point-of-sale inventory management, and simple reporting are just a few of the cost-saving solutions we offer. Call us today at 855-313-0857.


Video Transcription

Hi, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. One thing that we get a request from commonly from colleges and universities is the ability to do payroll deductions for their employees at their food service operations. Since colleges and universities are most commonly often already doing meal plans for the students, it’s very easy to add on services like payroll deductions for employees.

All we need as Bepoz, as a point of sale system is to be able to know the employee badge number, if they have a badge, or their employee number and their name, and then that they’ve signed up for being able to do payroll deductions. That’s all that needs to be sent to Bepoz, and then Bepoz can manage the rest from there. Then we’ll manage the account balance, manage the payroll deduction, allow the employee to go up to any point of sale terminal, scan their badge, and then charge that meal off to their payroll.

Then at the end of the payroll service, we’ll export that payroll data to the payroll service. This will add on additional benefits, so this is now a new HR service and option and offering to your employees as a convenience. It will help them eat on campus maybe more often and increase revenue, as well as keep them on the campus. Maybe being able to be more productive and work, as well as simplify processes for being able to manage those payroll deductions on the campus. If you’d like to talk to Bepoz about how we can help you with payroll deductions at your university or college campus, you can either call us with the number at the top of the screen, or you can click the link below. We’d love to talk to you.