Powerful Student Meal Plan Management for Colleges & Universities

Colleges and universities have financial needs that only increase with each passing day. Now, more than ever, higher learning institutions need to find ways to trim their budgets without losing personnel. An excellent way to do this is to rethink their college cafeteria POS system and their university management system.

Bepoz point of sale meal plan offers a simple solution to a complex problem. Our system offers point-of-sale, inventory, menu management and more. This one easy-to-use software is a low-cost alternative to programs that are difficult to use and only manage one component of the needs of a cafeteria. Watch the video below as Tim explains the value of our College and University Management Software for better student meal plans and much more!

Different Types of Student Meal Plans

Different cafeterias have different structures. Bepoz is made to work with all types of meal plans that are offered. You may have a meal plan in which students keep a declining balance that is then deducted each time they visit the cafeteria. Funds might be added on a monthly or quarterly basis. They may even be added by the students as they wish. The Bepoz college cafeteria POS system can easily manage declining balances.

That’s not all. Your school may have a meal plan that allows students to have a pre-specified number of meals per day, week, month or semester. The Bepoz college cafeteria POS system is easily set-up for this type of cafeteria plan. Bepoz can even be used as a university coffee shop POS system if your school offers a combination of both styles.

Coordinating with IT

Your Information Technology team has enough on their plates without having to worry about all of the intricacies of point-of-sale management. Bepoz easily integrates with your existing IT infrastructure so that you do not have to buy new equipment or be retrained. 

Bepoz is also made to work with whatever form you already use to track meal deductions and expenses. The software can interact with ID badges that are coded in practically any way. Use Bepoz with a magnetic strip, barcode or RFID reader. All they have to do is swipe or scan. Their accounts are then pulled up, the money or meal is deducted and everything remains secure on the Bepoz systems.

More Than POS

The Bepoz system is more than just a simple POS solution. This system also functions as a university management system. It handles cafeteria inventory. It interacts with kitchen display screens. It helps your cafeteria manage daily menus. When used as a college store POS system it can even manage cash and credit cards. You don’t have to bounce between multiple systems and pay a variety of software vendors when Bepoz university store POS system and point of sale meal plan can do everything. 

Want to learn about the point of sale meal plan and college store POS system offered by Bepoz? Give us a call today!


Video Transcript

Meal Management

Hi, my name is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale systems.  One question we commonly hear is what are the different kinds of meal plans that could be managed in a point-of-sale system, and how could those be managed?  So, Bepoz has the capability of managing meal plans for students.  In this category meal plans could be many different things.  So, sometimes we work with Colleges and Universities where the meal plan is a declining balance and the student is given a certain number of dollars per month or per semester. Other times we have Colleges and Universities where the meal plan is a certain number of meals per week, per day, per month, per semester, and other times it might be some combination of them both and oftentimes on top of all that there is the option for students to add their own funds as a prepaid balance.  All of those things could be managed by Bepoz and manage the meal plans.

Consolidation of Management Systems

Oftentimes we find Colleges and Universities who are using a very expensive point-of-sale system as well as a very expensive meal plan management system, where Bepoz can manage both ends of that Spectrum. So we can do both the point of sale and the meal plan for the College or University and track all of those things per student and, in that process we can also automate the process with your IT team of getting students automatically loaded along with their student ID badge, with their,  it could be a prox reader RFID reader, magnetic stripe or barcode.

Multiple Interface Access

Any of those kind of readers we can interface with in order to scan the badge, pull up the student account, deduct the meal or deduct them the dollars from their plan while at the same time doing more complicated foodservice operations with kitchen display screens and kitchen printers and Food Service inventory and cash security and management as well as being able to do your retail operations like convenience stores and small grocery stores and gift shops. Bepoz can do all of that in one system and take care of all of those things for your College or University.  If you want to find out more about how Bepoz can help you with your student meal plans, we’d love to talk to you. Please call us. You can call us at the number above or click the link below.  Hope you have a great day!