The Best Hospital Gift Shop POS – 3 Features You Need

Your hospital gift shop is a major source of revenue. That doesn’t mean it needs to be a major headache. A typical gift shop POS system is clunky, difficult to understand, and requires hours of training. Likewise, a hospital gift shop POS system is rarely the same system used in cafeterias. This means staff, managers, and administrators need to understand two systems instead of one.  Watch the video below as Tim walks us through the top features you need to run a successful gift shop operation.

A big issue with a hospital gift shop POS system is the fact that volunteers staff most shops. These helpful individuals do not have the time or patience to learn a new POS system for every place they volunteer. Your hospital needs a system that is easy to implement, easy to learn, and useful for every location in your hospital.  Let’s look at the top 3 features your gift shop system needs to succeed.

 1. Two Major Upsides to a Centralized Point-Of-Sale Inventory System:

  1. Inventory Management – First is the fact that your staff and volunteers only have one system to learn, making inventory management a breeze. Using a single system to manage your inventory allows you to streamline the entire operation with advanced tracking and reporting.  
  2. Inventory Tracking and Reporting – Secondly, is the ease of combining foodservice and retail so you can precisely pinpoint all profits and problems for all of your SKUs and ingredients. Do you prefer to keep your retail and foodservice separate? No problem. Bepoz lets you customize your hospital gift shop POS software however you like.

2. The Simplest Payroll Deduction Solution

Managers cannot be on-site at all times. Bepoz is so simple to use that even a first-day volunteer can easily understand point-of-sale procedures. This software also simplifies some management duties for you. Does your current system require a manager to approve payroll deductions or certain discounts? Bepoz won’t.

A small matter that is a big concern is the speed of hospital gift shop service. Many visitors to hospital gift shops are under duress. They do not need the added stress of a confusing checkout process. An easy-to-use gift shop POS system lets visitors make their purchases in a friendly environment that doesn’t add to the stress they already feel.

3. Two Locations, One System

Bepoz was made to manage point-of-sale regardless of the product being sold. Our system is just as useful for cafeterias as it is for gift shops. You can use Bepoz to manage menus, ingredient inventory, purchases, and invoices. You can also use Bepoz for a worry-free checkout in your gift shop.

Bepoz Makes a Difference

A tightly run gift shop is vital for profit and service. Generating sales at a hospital gift shop requires marketing savvy and excellent management.

Bepoz knows this, which is why we offer the best gift shop POS system available. Give us a call so we can answer your questions and provide you with the service you deserve.


Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tim here with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale systems.  One of the struggles that many hospitals have is that they have one point of sale system for their cafeteria and one point of sale system for the gift shop.  It’s important to note that Bepoz can manage both environments and manage both environments well, and so now you don’t have to have two different systems, your I.T. team doesn’t have to help try to support two different systems.  There’s one system to manage, one server to take care of, one throat to choke if you need to call for support you’ve got everything in one place.

Hospital Gift Shop POS Needs to Be Easy

So we want to talk today specifically about the gift shops and the big thing that’s important to note about gift shops is that often times, Hospital gift shops are run by volunteers and because the hospital gift shop is run by volunteers the system just needs to be simple and so Bepoz  gives you a system that’s very easy.  Scan the barcode, touch the screen, touch the payment type, you’re done.

Employee Payroll Deductions

If the employee comes in and wants to do a payroll deduction, scan their badge at any point of the transaction before you complete the transaction and then hit payroll deduction and it goes off and you’re done.  It’s that simple. You can teach your volunteers very easily how to manage it from a cashier’s perspective with very little training.  Obviously volunteers are coming in on their own time and not be in there very often so it needs to be short and sweet and simple.

Streamline Your Inventory

But, on the back side, Bepoz has all the power to help you manage your inventory, do purchase orders from outside vendors, manage the receiving of the inventory, and simplify that process because often times even the manager or person who is operating this in many hospitals is doing that and other things and doesn’t have all the time to do that and it needs to be simple.  So that process can be streamlined to help them make better decisions about how much inventory they should purchase, and help them actually communicate those purchase orders to their vendors and just generally streamline that entire process – and at the same time still allow the payroll deductions in the gift shop.

So, if you want to find out more about how Bepoz could help you with your hospital gift shop or cafeteria please feel free to call us we’d love to talk to you can call us at the number that’s at the top of your screen (855-313-0857) or you can click on the link below.