Manage Employee Discounts with Bepoz POS Systems

Employee discounts are popular perks used in the retail and restaurant industries. An employee discount benefits both your business and your employees. This perk keeps employees happy while also ensuring the bulk of their spending will be done within your store. Watch the video below as Tim walks us through the importance of managing employee discounts with advanced POS technology.

An issue arises with employee discounts when employees abuse the system. It is not uncommon for a well-meaning employee to share their discounts with friends and family members. This abuse costs you money and lessens the significance of an employee discount.

Should You Use a Push-Button to Manage Discounts?

The easiest way for employers to manage employee discounts is by pressing the manual discount button on the point of sale system. This is quick and simple but it is also not ideal.

Run-of-the-mill discount buttons cannot be customized for individual employees. All employees receive the same discount regardless of their status. They also cannot be tracked. Too often, employees push the button to give discounts to family and friends. Without knowing who accepted the employee discount it is nearly impossible to track who might be abusing the perk.

The Best Way to Manage Your Employee Discounts

Bepoz has a solution. Our advanced discount management solution offers the ability to track every time an employee discount is used. This helps you in multiple ways. You know which employees are using the discount at the point of sale and how often. You will be able to tell if they are using the employee discount for only themselves or for themselves and others. You can also learn if the perk is one that is useful to employees.

The Bepoz point of sale employee discounts system removes any need for managers to sign off on a discount. Managers do not have time in their busy schedules to approve every employee discount, which is why using discount buttons are so popular. The Bepoz system is just as easy but tracks every discount to the individual. Managers and business owners can look over the data that is collected by the system to see which discounts were used by each employee at any given moment. You can even see which products or services were purchased with the employee discount.

Tracing POS Employee Discounts – Let The System Do The Work

Your current discount management system may not offer room for flexibility. POS employee discounts do not have to apply to every item in your store or restaurants. Bepoz employee discounts allow you to limit the use of this perk. For example, you can prevent employees from using their discount on alcohol, clearance items, luxury goods or items that are in limited supply.

Conversely, you may wish to offer employee discounts through the POS system as a perk only on select items. Perhaps you want your employees to be given a temporary discount on seasonal merchandise. Maybe the perk is offered as a bonus to employees who perform particularly well at their jobs. You can also set up employee discount groups. This enables grouping employee discounts in levels, which is an added incentive for excellence in performance.

Bepoz makes this possible. Perhaps most importantly, Bepoz makes it easy.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Tim here at Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sales Systems. One of the common problems that our customers face using point of sale systems and one of the reasons they often translate to us is because they don’t have good ways of being able to track employee discounts.

Employee discounts can be done a lot of different ways, but many of the ways that are used by many systems are not very trackable. For instance, if you’re using a point of sale system today and somebody wants an employee discount, often times the way that you do that is just press a button that says “employee discount.” And in many of the cases we’ve seen, there’s no manager required to press that button and employees end up using that discount for their family, and friends and for everybody else – anybody they want to just give a discount, they just press that discount over and over again and it gets abused. And it’s basically draining the bottom line out of your company.

So with Bepoz, we can do this a lot of different ways. Now of course we could do the button, if you wanted to do the button. We could also do the button and require a manager to press the button. But we could also have methods of being able to set up accounts for each employee. So now I know how many employee discounts are being run against each employee. So if some particular employee is abusing discounts, I would be able to track and trace every discount they were ever given. Every product they were ever rung.

Also another problem that’s run into is that certain products are discounted and others are not. These are special promotions just for employees, where the employee discount includes these products and not those products. And Bepoz has the capacity to be able to let employees only get discounts on the correct products, not on everything. It can be very granular about how those discounts are applied.

Another way that this could be done in bigger organizations that have many employees – so often times we see these in corporate cafeterias, hospitals, colleges and universities. Often times they have hundreds and even thousands of employees. So we could automatically input all the employee accounts into Bepoz and then they could be set up in groups. So certain employees – and this would not have to be done automatically to do this. We could do this regardless of the automation. But the automation helps. I could dump them into certain groups. So this is an executive group, they get certain discounts, these are management, they get a different discount. And these are the rest of the employees and they get a different discount group. So we could automatically apply those discounts.

Also those employee discounts could be automatically applied based on their employee ID. So sometimes, employees have some kind of identification – it could be magnetic stripe, it could be barcode, or RFID or tap-and-go. And in any of those cases, we could then scan the ID in order for that employee to get the discount. All these things take the control out of the hands of the cashier who may be able to use the standard employee discount that’s been used in cash register and point of sale systems for years. And give a lot more control to your business.

If you want to find out more about how employee discounts can help you with your business, you can either call the number that’s at the top of the screen, or you can click on the link below. I really appreciate your time and hope you have a great day.