Hospital Gift Shop POS & Cafeteria Systems – One Solution to Rule Them All

When it comes to using point-of-sale systems, hospitals face unique challenges. Like many hospitals, yours probably includes a gift shop and a cafeteria. Both locations serve employees and visitors alike, and it’s not unusual for there to be separate cafeteria and hospital gift shop POS systems. However, this arrangement is woefully inefficient, causing headaches for management that can easily be avoided through the use of a single system. Read on to find out how Bepoz’s cafeteria and gift shop POS solutions can help.

Multiple POS Systems Cause Problems for Busy Hospitals

If your hospital currently uses one POS system for the cafeteria and a separate hospital gift shop POS system, you already know how frustrating this setup can be. Some of the top challenges that go along with managing separate POS systems include:

  • Reduced productivity – Since separate POS systems don’t “speak” to one another, employees and management must spend more time on tasks that could otherwise be automated, reducing productivity.
  • Longer wait times – With separate systems, cashiers in hospital gift shops and cafeterias have a harder time operating their systems, causing longer lines for employees and customers.
  • More legwork for employee benefits – If you have a gift shop POS system that’s separate from the one for your cafeteria, employees may need to carry multiple cards to access benefits like meal plans and employee discounts.
  • Outdated data – Inefficient, separate POS systems within a hospital often result in data that is inaccurate or outdated, creating accounting errors and inventory problems that waste huge amounts of time and money.
  • Impaired security – Juggling two POS systems can expose a hospital to increased security risks, including data breaches and employee theft.

hospital 3 - Hospital Gift Shop POS & Cafeteria Systems – One Solution to Rule Them All

How Bepoz Hospital Cafeteria and Gift Shop POS Systems Can Help

If you’re tired of dealing with the complications and inconveniences that go along with using a separate cafeteria and gift shop POS, Bepoz is here to help. Our hospital gift shop POS systems offer streamlined solutions that simplify many aspects of running and managing gift shops and cafeterias simultaneously, including:

  • Payroll deductions – With a streamlined cafeteria and gift shop POS system, employees can use a single card at the gift shop and cafeteria. In turn, they don’t have to carry around credit cards or cash, and purchases are deducted from their account balances in real time. This results in less data entry and processing work and helps to keep lines moving efficiently.
  • Interdepartmental charges – Hospital gift shop POS system solutions by Bepoz eliminate the need to manually track interdepartmental charges. Our systems include automated, dynamic tracking systems that produce real-time statistics, allowing for fast analyses by accounting departments. They are also compatible with many popular third-party accounting systems.
  • Meal plans – Our POS systems allow employees to track the use of their meal plans – whether they are dollar-based or allocated on a weekly basis – in real time. This allows them to plan accordingly if they are running low for the week. Management and staff enjoy streamlined tracking, and administrators are able to monitor how meal plans are being used – and how often.
  • Meal planning and rotation – With a cafeteria and gift shop POS solution from Bepoz, you no longer need to manually adjust meal rotations on a daily basis. The system can automate the process for you while analyzing sales to determine which items are particularly popular and suitable for being offered on a limited basis. As an added bonus, screens only show cashiers the items that are available on a particular day, speeding up processing times.
  • Employee discounts – The powerful capabilities of our hospital gift shop POS systems let hospital administrators monitor how employees are using their discounts. They can then use real-time data to improve benefits packages. Our systems connect with databases listing discounts on select items, allowing employees to access these benefits more quickly and efficiently.
  • Food service and retail inventory – With smarter, real-time inventory tracking for hospital gift shops and cafeterias, Bepoz’s all-in-one POS solutions bolster inventory management by a significant margin. Cafeterias can more effectively track ingredients and supplies, reducing the risk of being unable to meet customers’ needs. With the ability to more effectively control inventory levels and reordering points, gift shops can improve profits and keep customers happier.

hospital 2 - Hospital Gift Shop POS & Cafeteria Systems – One Solution to Rule Them All

Discover the Benefits of Streamlined Hospital Cafeteria and Gift Shop POS Solutions from Bepoz

If your hospital still relies on separate POS systems for its cafeteria and gift shop, you are effectively still operating in the dark ages. By investing in an upgraded and more modern all-in-one POS solution by Bepoz, you can streamline processes, improve inventory management, reduce errors, boost productivity and keep customers and employees happier. The return on your investment will be considerable in tangible and intangible ways, so contact Bepoz today to learn more!