POS for Liquor Stores – 3 Features You Need

The Bepoz point of sale (POS) system is excellent for small and medium-sized businesses. Its user-friendly functionality acts like a proactive employee that doesn’t need a lunch break. Our POS system for liquor stores will reveal the potential your business truly has.

The Bepoz POS for liquor stores stays vigilant for your inventory, product pricing, and promotional events. It assists you with many of your back-office tasks. Here’s how the Bepoz liquor store POS system will enhance your business’ future:

Optimize Your Sales With Selling Tools - POS for Liquor Stores – 3 Features You Need

1. Optimize Your Sales With Selling Tools

  • Boost Sales with Product Recommendations: At Bepoz, we’re big on allowing liquor stores to add just about any feature you can imagine. With the ability to integrate your own database of notes from the liquor manufacturers, wineries, and breweries you can become an expert (this advanced feature requires your own setup and configuration). The next time a customer asks you for a recommendation, the liquor POS system can call up the information you need. With Bepoz, you can position yourself as the connoisseur and close more sales.
  • Customer Facing Displays: With Bepoz, your customers can see the details of their transaction and promotional videos or a promotional graphic to showcase your current sales or season products. A customer can decide to take advantage of one of your featured products (as seen on the customer facing display).
  • Place Orders On Hold: The Bepoz POS for liquor stores is capable of placing an order on hold. While waiting, you can ring out the next person in line. Once the customer comes back, you can easily pull up the held order to finish it. Maximize your sales with customer facing displays for liquor stores.
  • Manage Inventory Remotely: Manage your inventory from a till, back office, or Tablet (using the Bepoz SmartPDE) so you can streamline your inventory across multiple locations. Additionally, our POS system for liquor stores allows you to manage payroll, operations and many other functions.
  • Generate Customized Reports: Besides the standard financial reports, you can create reports to learn how effective your promotions are, what are your best sellers, and other information to make your business run more profitably.

Reliable ID Verification - POS for Liquor Stores – 3 Features You Need2.Reliable ID Verification

As technology advances, distinguishing a real ID from a fake ID is becoming tougher for liquor store owners and their employees. The Bepoz POS system for liquor stores has an optional function that requires all drivers licenses or state ID cards to be scanned before a sale can begin. If it finds that the potential customer is underage or the ID card is not real, the system won’t let the sale proceed.

Manage Your Pricing and Inventory - POS for Liquor Stores – 3 Features You Need

3. Manage Your Pricing and Inventory

In addition to advanced inventory and pricing management, the Bepoz POS for liquor stores also features advanced reporting and analysis. This helpful combination of features will allow you to filter through your inventory with ease and uncover the products that have been performing well and not so well. For example, you will be able to view the products that have lost revenue due to pricing and/or inventory errors. Tracking your missed sales opportunities will allow you to take more direct action. More features include:

  • Easy Tracking (Same Product, Different Years): Our liquor store POS system will differentiate bottles with the same product, but varying years. This way, you’re not selling a 2005 merlot for the same price as a 2015 merlot from the same vintner. If it was “a great year” for your 2005 bottle, then your POS system should ring up a higher price.
  • Customize Your Pricing & Promos: As the master user, you’ll have the sole ability to set the pricing and special promotions in your POS system. You can also create your own in-house specials to entice your customers to those shelf-filler liquors that rarely sell.
  • Easy Labeling & Barcoding: Do you sell spirits from local microbreweries, wineries, or other liquor makers? No problem. The Bepoz POS system for liquor stores can easily create labels and barcodes for you. This means better labeling, easier inventory and hey, you are supporting your local community!

Bepoz is Small and Medium Business Friendly - POS for Liquor Stores – 3 Features You Need

Bepoz’s POS System for Liquor Stores is Small and Medium Business-Friendly

For over 30 years our system has serviced over 5,000 businesses in the hospitality and retail industries around the world. Bepoz has built a strong reputation with its clients through the power of a dependable system and affordable pricing. You can take advantage of our POS for liquor stores with the following financial benefits:

  1. No Upfront Licensing Fees
  2. No Long Term Contracts
  3. Low Monthly Subscription Costs

Bepoz is a software as a service (SaaS) provider. Initial costs shouldn’t be an obstacle to prevent you from taking advantage of our service.

As a client of Bepoz, you’ll have 24/7 access to our customer support team. Besides our live team, our website’s Technical Resource Library features a learning center, setup articles, and a FAQ that many have found valuable. Our support department is a complimentary service.

Our 30-day money-back guarantee allows you to try our full POS system for liquor stores. If you’re not satisfied, you can end your service within the first 30 days for a full refund of your first month’s subscription cost.

Contact our sales team to learn more about the capabilities of our liquor POS system and how it will empower your business.