Payroll Deductions for POS Systems

How do payroll deductions work? Is there a way to integrate payroll deductions for pos systems?

In hospitals, corporate cafeterias, colleges, universities, or anywhere a business or organization serves food, provides services, or sells products to employees, payroll deductions are needed. There is also a need to have the charges for the goods or services deducted from each employee’s paycheck at the end of each pay period.

Bepoz offers a solution that allows you to integrate a POS system with payroll deductions almost effortlessly.

This isn’t a common function in the marketplace. It’s one that, once integrated into your payroll deduction software, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

POS With Payroll Deductions and Your Employees

POS With Payroll Deductions and Your Employees - Payroll Deductions for POS Systems

Your employees probably already have a personal badge that is:

Bepoz allows an employee to walk up to the POS cashier and tap, swipe or scan their badge. The cashier then rings up the products the employee is purchasing and they are charged to the employee’s account.

After this, the transaction information is automatically sent on a specified schedule to your chosen payroll service.

Payroll Deductions for POS Systems Integration

Can this be easily integrated into your existing payroll service?

The answer is yes.

In fact, Bepoz has never encountered any payroll service that payroll deductions couldn’t directly integrate with.

The process is quite simple and our methods won’t cause you a single headache. Payroll deductions for POS systems can easily be integrated with almost any payroll service.

Learn More About Integrating Payroll Deductions - Payroll Deductions for POS Systems

Learn More About Integrating Payroll Deductions

This is a very brief introduction to integrating POS with payroll deductions. No doubt you have more questions about how this process will help improve your business’ payroll deductions practices.

Give Bepoz a call at 855-313-0857 or schedule a demo and we’ll show you exactly how it’ll work for you.

Your payroll deduction headaches will soon be a thing of the past.

The Traditional Payroll Deduction Process Is Complicated

Calculating payroll deductions is a time-consuming process that every business owner or manager absolutely must satisfy in order to remain compliant with the IRS and state agencies.

By law, you’re required to withhold, on behalf of each employee, the payroll taxes each employee owes to Uncle Sam. While that may not seem like too overwhelming of a process, all of the other required payroll deductions can really begin to cut into your processing time.

The Definition of Payroll Deductions

Stated simply, payroll deductions are the amounts you must withhold from every employee’s paycheck.

Beyond income taxes, you need to calculate and withhold:

  • FICA tax
  • Garnishments
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Retirement plans
  • Job-related expenses
  • Life insurance premiums
  • Charges for the goods or services
  • And more

Because of the complexities of this process, mistakes happen. In fact, 82% of US workers report that, at some point, they’ve found an error in their paycheck.

Errors like this can cost your business a minimum of a 15% penalty.

Not good.

If you were able to take the possibility of human error out of the equation, while also saving you immense amounts of time every pay period, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity?

Payroll deductions for POS systems are your answer.

Here’s why.

POS With Payroll Deductions - Payroll Deductions for POS Systems

POS With Payroll Deductions

The math involved with calculating payroll withholdings and deductions isn’t necessarily complicated. But it is difficult to manually keep all of the moving parts in order, especially if you’re in charge of payroll for a large hospital, retail store, college or corporation.

One thing that all of these businesses have in common is that they have POS (point of sale) systems already in place. These POS systems make for the perfect opportunity for you to streamline your payroll deduction process by integrating a POS system with payroll deductions.

If you’ve never considered this option, or that it was even possible to do, it is. New POS system with payroll deductions technologies are right at your fingertips, and you’ve landed in the right place.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Tim here with Bepoz Point of Sales Enterprise Systems. Here at Bepoz we commonly get a question about integrating payroll deductions into point of sales systems. In hospitals or colleges and universities or corporate cafeterias, any place really where businesses or organizations are serving food, giving services, selling products to their employees, there comes up this need to do payroll deductions and have the charge for the meal, service or goods be deducted from their payroll at the end of the pay period. And Bepoz has the capability to be able to do this. This isn’t a very common capability, by the way, and not find this capability. And amongst those who do it, Bepoz has the best reporting, some of the best inventory – many of the systems wouldn’t even do inventory! And Bepoz has the features for both food service and retail and can handle both of those kinds of environments with this.

During that process of doing payroll deductions, the employee, in many cases they would have a badge. The badge would be magnetic stripe, barcoded or RFID, tap and go. And the employee can walk up to the cashier and tap, swipe or scan their badge and the cashier would then ring up the products and then be able to charge that to that employee’s account. And that employee’s account information would then be exported automatically on a schedule to the payroll service.

One of the questions we often get with this is, “Can you integrate with our payroll service? Our payroll service is ABC Payroll Service.” And the truth is, we’ve never run into any payroll service we could not integrate with. It’s a very simple process for Bepoz. We have a very simple method of how to integrate and send this data off and can very easily set up your payroll service with this.

If you have more questions of how payroll could work or how you can use Bepoz to help better your business, you can either call the number that’s on top of the webpage or you can click on the link below.