4 Multi Store POS Features You Need

It’s a common problem: Your business has multiple locations and human cloning has not yet been perfected. How can you manage all the moving parts of your business when you are only one person? A multi store POS solution is the answer to your problem. Every industry needs to have accurate records for revenue. You must be able to effectively track inventory. Sales and customer service details need to be carefully watched in order to determine their effectiveness. You simply cannot do it alone.

Bepoz Corporate enterprise multi store POS system was created precisely for businesses with multiple locations or plans for future expansion. The Bepoz POS multi store system bills itself as the “sixth sense of business” because it tracks exactly what you need to know. Do you need quick data about your staff? How about promotions and advertising dollars? Are you looking for a comprehensive cash management report? Bepoz multi store POS software system is ready for you whether you have one location or 1,000.

Top 4 Multi Store POS Features You Need:

Heal Your Hospital With Easily Accessible Records - 4 Multi Store POS Features You Need1. Heal Your Hospital With Easily Accessible Records

The various departments within a hospital are a challenge to coordinate. One multi store POS system for all areas of the hospital(s) lowers the likelihood of administrative errors while increasing oversight. From the gift shop to the cafeteria, each area needs inventory control and a multi store POS system that can track all the charges. The profitability of hospitals is volatile, but these fluctuations can be offset by a well-maintained gift shop. According to industry insiders, a gift shop can easily gross $1 million per year. However, many hospitals never realize a profit from the gift shop due to poorly priced merchandise and lack of inventory control. Regular financial reports can show you which items are your top sellers while also alerting you to inventory needs.

Centralized Management for Multi Location Restaurants and Retail - 4 Multi Store POS Features You Need

2. Centralized Management for Multi-Location Restaurants and Retail

Restaurants that offer the same menu day after day may provide stability to their customers, but they also provide a bit of boredom. That is why so many restaurants offer seasonal dishes and daily specials. Likewise, restaurants need to update their menus at least once each year to keep from losing money on the ever-rising cost of food. In order to be profitable, a restaurant needs to have a 30 to 35 percent markup on all menu items. Any less than that and a restaurant is likely to be one of the more than 10,000 restaurants in the United States that close each year.

You need a multi-location POS software program that can coordinate these regular changes across all your locations as often as you like. Retail establishments face a similar, yet more frequent, need to change inventory. Most retailers refresh inventory every two to three months. The need for a multi-location POS software program that manages these changes across all locations is paramount to financial success. The multi store POS system gives you the ability to make fast changes at all your locations at once. A POS multi store software system is the necessary tool you need for a restaurant that has retail space as well.

Managing Multi Site Memberships Just Got Easier - 4 Multi Store POS Features You Need

3. Managing Multi-Site Memberships Just Got Easier

Member programs are hot. They keep customers shopping, provide their own source of revenue and offer benefits to everyone. In fact, in 2019, 59 percent of shoppers joined loyalty programs and a whopping 79 percent of those customers said the program encouraged them to spend more. Offering a member program is a wise choice, but managing those memberships is a bigger problem unless you have the right member management software. A multi store POS system can track these loyalty programs at your retail store, restaurant, gym or any other spot where membership programs are used.

Multi Location Inventory Management is a Game Changer - 4 Multi Store POS Features You Need

4. Multi-Location Inventory Management is a Game Changer

Bepoz Multi-Location POS Software lets you manage all forms of inventory. The software doesn’t care if you are tracking baked goods, jet skis, get well cards or silk stockings. If you need to keep track of it, multi store pos inventory control software is what you need. This software lets you track every piece of inventory from its space on the shelf to its price at the point of sale. You can know when to re-order or see which items aren’t moving. You can even generate reports and assign barcodes to new products. Understanding inventory is the number one need of a profitable business. However, just knowing the basics of your inventory is never enough.

You need to have intimate knowledge of how inventory is moving and what environment has led to the success or failure of a specific product. This comes from using an excellent multi store POS system. You also need to be able to move your inventory with ease. Instead of recording every item when it is moved, you need a multi-location POS software program that does the heavy lifting for you. The Bepoz Multi Store POS System takes this ease one step further by letting you use the program on a desktop computer, laptop or even your mobile device. Regardless of where you are, you can use Bepoz to watch over every need of every location.