Microsoft RMS Replacement – A Superior POS System

Microsoft has chosen to phase out their retail management system, which has put some of their loyal customers in a bind. As of 2016, the company began Microsoft RMS end of life procedures by no longer selling their popular product. At that point, they continued to provide support to those who couldn’t bear to be without the program. Microsoft is now ending their support features as well, which leaves customers looking for a Microsoft RMS replacement. Bepoz has the answer.

Bepoz offers an excellent alternative in light of the Microsoft RMS end of life plan. This is thanks to inventory management, the ability to manage multi-store locations, mobile systems and company loyalty program management.

Manage Inventory With Ease - Microsoft RMS Replacement - A Superior POS SystemManage Inventory With Ease

When looking for a replacement for Microsoft RMS, one of the top concerns you have is an inventory management solution. Bepoz lets you manage stock in real-time. You can enter counts, do spot checks, scan and receive incoming inventory, transfer stock, create purchase orders and much more.

One of the greatest benefits of using Bepoz as your Microsoft RMS alternative is the flexibility with inventory control. For example:

  1. You can do inventory at once or in batches.
  2. You can use a hand-held scanner for mobile inventory or manage the program from the back office.
  3. You can even requisition inventory from a central warehouse and view inventory from multiple locations at once.

Every Location at Your Fingertips - Microsoft RMS Replacement - A Superior POS SystemEvery Location at Your Fingertips

Replacing point of sale applications can be a harrowing experience for business owners and managers with multiple locations. With Microsoft RMS discontinued, you might think you will need to start again in each location. Fortunately, replacing Microsoft RMS is easy with Bepoz. You can manage multiple stores and locations with one program. 

A retail managements system that keeps all inventory and sales records together creates a cohesiveness across your brand. You can ensure you are not overstocked or understocked on items in any of your locations. You can be certain customers are being given the same outstanding treatment at each of your branches. Best of all, you can manage all of these spots from one central location or while you are on the go.

Manage Your Locations from Anywhere - Microsoft RMS Replacement - A Superior POS SystemManage Your Locations from Anywhere

The end of Microsoft RMS may be a blessing in disguise. The Bepoz mobile POS system is the Microsoft RMS replacement that you never thought could be possible. You already know that you can manage all of your locations in multiple ways, generate reports and keep track of inventory, but with this tool you can do so anywhere and at any time.

The mobility of this program allows you to do everything you need at your home office, while on the floor or even from home. You can use a public cloud, private cloud or take advantage of a hybrid of both. You can access the system on a tablet, a handheld device or a desktop computer. 

Support Customer Loyalty Programs - Microsoft RMS Replacement - A Superior POS SystemSupport Customer Loyalty Programs

A feature you should insist upon from your Microsoft RMS replacement is the ability to support customer loyalty programs. Membership and loyalty programs are among the most popular methods to earn and retain relationships with customers. Your Microsoft RMS alternative needs to take this into consideration.

The Bepoz POS system includes loyalty program management at no additional fee. You can make tweaks and changes to the system at all of your locations with one program. Customers can cash in point, earn bonuses, receive incentives and much more. Due to the fact that it costs five times more to retain a new customer than to retail an existing one, loyalty programs are more important than ever.

Expect More from Your Microsoft RMS Replacement

If you have been satisfied with your current program, the idea of the Microsoft RMS end of life plan is frustrating, to say the least. You simply cannot continue using a program that no longer offers support. With Microsoft RMS discontinued, not moving all management materials to another system is a risky plan.

With Microsoft RMS discontinued, you will need to find a Microsoft RMS alternative that lets you easily and quickly transfer your management system in a user-friendly way. You also need a program that offers support that will not be phased out. A system that is not a good fit for your company can cost time and money that you don’t deserve to lose. Regardless of your business type or management style, Bepoz is the right solution for you. The program has everything offered by Microsoft RMS with improvements you will have to see to believe.

Are you replacing Microsoft RMS? Contact us today to see how Bepoz POS Software can transform your business.