Streamline Your POS Meal Plan With Bepoz

The idea of individualized dining options such as a daily meal, weekly meal, open meal plans, prepaid meal plans, payroll deductions or even declining balances can seem complex, but with Bepoz, meal plan options are simple to configure.

Meal plans are a benefit to some employees working at hospitals and in some corporate environments. Meal plans are also commonly utilized in assisted living facilities, retirement centers, schools and college campuses,.

Whether the meals are free or paid for, you determine how many times someone can eat a day, the amount paid, how they will pay, and whatever other combinations you can come up with. Bepoz offers a unique meal plan feature that can streamline your operation and keep stress levels down on management.

Meal Plan Options

  • Give a certain amount of money toward meals per day, week, month, or year
  • Give a certain number of meals per day, week, month, or year
  • Allows prepaid accounts.
    • When the amount on the card gets low, all the recipient has to do is reload.
  • Allows for payroll deduction
    • When an employee receives their check they will notice deductions for their meals.
  • Allows discounts to be applied

Do you have a question regarding your campus, corporate cafeteria, or retirement facility’s meal plan? Give Bepoz a call today for help customizing your resident, student or employee meal plan.