Self Service Kiosks for Hospitals Means Faster Checkouts

One of the greatest benefits a retail or foodservice establishment can offer to its customers is streamlining the checkout process. This is particularly true in hospitals where time is short and stress tends to be high. A self-service kiosk for checkout gives customers the ability to speed through the checkout process with little effort. Watch the video below as Tim explains the valuable features of our self-service kiosks for hospitals.

Increased Efficiency in Your Hospital Cafeteria

Self-service kiosks for hospitals can be used in two ways. First, in a cafeteria, the self-service kiosk could be used to allow employees and possibly other guests to pay without the need to see a cashier. Second, in a counter service environment, the self-service kiosk could allow customers to order the food they want when they want it and have the order sent directly to the kitchen for preparation. There is no human error during the ordering process, which means customers are more satisfied and less food is wasted.

Customers can pay at the time that they order their food as well. Bepoz self-service kiosks for hospitals allow customers to use multiple forms of payment, which they can manage all on their own.

Self-Service for Hospital Employees

Self-service kiosks for hospitals are favored by employees because they are often in a great hurry during meal times. Self-service kiosks let these employees quickly order their favorite foods when their schedules permit.

Better still, these kiosks can be programmed to accept employee payroll deductions. Doctors, nurses and support staff don’t have to carry wallets with them. They can simply input their employee IDs or swipe their badges to have money deducted from payroll or pre-paid accounts.

Bigger Profits and Happier Customers

Profits increase with self-service kiosks in two ways. First, customers are likely to order more when they can customize their own food with ease. A hospital cafeteria might charge extra for certain sides, which can seem like a hassle when talking with a counter person. Likewise, studies have shown that customers are more apt to make purchases from self-serve kiosks than from standard, cashier-based systems. 

Profits also increase due to lack of employee oversight. Hospital kiosks are mostly self-sufficient. While a hospital will still need some employees to monitor the food service area, most duties are managed by the customers themselves.

Are you interested in learning more about self-service kiosks for your hospital cafeteria? Contact Bepoz and we will show you how a kiosk can be the point-of-sale system your cafeteria or gift shop needs.


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