How Restaurants Can Benefit From Self-Service Kiosks

Order, pay and seat yourself without talking to anyone. This is common in European and Asian quick service and fast casual restaurants, and now Americans are catching on by using self-service kiosks.

Kiosks are electronic ordering systems that provide a touchscreen menu for guests. Kiosks integrate directly with your point-of-sale (POS) system, making order processing extremely easy.

Take Panera Bread for example. The restaurant chain started to modernize their customer experience in 2014 by releasing Panera 2.0, a self-service kiosk featuring online payment, customized ordering, links to the loyalty program, and more. This year their CEO plans to replace all cashiers with kiosks.

While there are reasons economically that make this a good change, we’ll focus on the benefits that a kiosk can bring to a restaurant. In the right environment, Bepoz’s kiosks could:

  • Increase Revenue – Some restaurants claim to experience anywhere from 10 to 30% increase in revenue when implementing a self-service kiosk. This happens because every customer receives suggested upsells during the ordering process. They can also receive lists of the best menu items first, as well as any specials.
  • Increase of Accuracy – Guests feel like orders are more accurate because they are directly involved in ordering, and that perception can help improve a restaurant’s overall customer service.
  • Eliminate Long Lines – A set of kiosks can help speed up the check out process by offering guests multiple places to order.
  • Reduce Labor Costs – Since kiosks replace cashiers, this helps to reduce labor costs.
  • Focus on Expediting – Employees can spend their focus on creating and expediting the food. This can also increase the output of food delivered.
  • Showcase Promotions – Guests can view the newest menu item, special prices/discounts, as well as participate in a customer loyalty program.

Whether you’re a small restaurant or part of a chain, a self-service kiosk may be the answer to increased revenue, accuracy, reduced labor and other benefits. At Bepoz, we can help you customize the perfect kiosk. Contact us at 855-313-0857 for more details today.