Self-Service Kiosks for University Cafeterias

Self-service kiosks for university cafeterias are easy, convenient options for students who are on the go. They save time, can be customized as needed and require very little upkeep. Watch the video below as Tim explains the value of the right self-service kiosk system for your university cafeteria.

Self-Service Kiosks for Food Service

Students at colleges and universities need services that help them use their time wisely. Efficiency is key when it comes to providing the foodservice these students need. Self-service kiosks for university cafeterias offer the ability to streamline the entire process of ordering and paying for food. 

Food Service Simplified

Current food service at most colleges and universities involves students standing in line as they wait for their student ID cards to be scanned. Only then can they be seated and enjoy the food that they have ordered. Some cafeterias still rely on the exchange of cash, which takes even longer. The Bepoz POS system simplifies all of that with self-service kiosks for university cafeterias.

A self-service kiosk can be linked directly to the student’s meal plan. Students only need to swipe their card or input a student number to have funds taken directly from an account. These kiosks can be set up to accept credit and debit cards as well. 

Low-Cost Food Service

The fast-food industry has found that self-service kiosks lower operational costs because additional staff does not have to be hired to take orders and accept food payments. There is also less food waste because orders are more accurate due to the fact that customers manage them on their own.

Increased Profitability

A key component of self-service kiosks for university cafeterias is profitability. Higher cost items can be marketed more easily with kiosks than when relying on in-person upselling. Customers have also stated that they would visit foodservice locations more frequently if they knew they could interact with a kiosk rather than waiting in queue for a face-to-face order.

Self-Service Kiosks For University Cafeterias Means Personalized Service

Students feel as though they are getting the best service because each interaction is personalized for them and by them. They are in control of the entire process from beginning to end. A satisfied customer is a happy customer. A happy customer continues returning again and again.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Tim with Bepoz enterprise point of sale systems. I’m here to talk to you about self-service kiosks for colleges and universities in their food service areas. It is possible for Bepoz to do self-service kiosks in these environments to help streamline the workflow, streamline the process, make it more efficient, and to let students ring up their own food and have it print off in a kitchen or do their own meal plans. There’s many different ways that this could be done, but self- service kiosks could be used in these foodservice environments.

You could have students go up to the grill and in the grill, use the self-service kiosk to be able to communicate to the cooks, what they need to be able to make. That might be in a cafeteria area. We want to use a self-service kiosk just to communicate to the kitchen, what should be made, but then they still get all they can eat, so they just check in once and that’s not a problem, or this could be used in some kind of a restaurant. I know a lot of food service areas in colleges and universities have Einstein Bagel or Chick-fil-A or some other restaurant, a group that’s in there and you can set up self- service kiosks for the students to be able to ring up their own items and print them on the kitchen printer, or put them in the kitchen display and allow them to be able to deduct from their meal plan or pay by credit card.

There’s several different options, or they could pay at the cashier. There are many different options on how they could do that. But if you want to find out more about how Bepoz could help you with self-service kiosks, and point of sale, for your college or university, you can either call the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.