University Cafeteria POS System and Features Overview

A university’s function in the retail and food service industry is one that is too often overlooked. The primary purpose of a university as an educational institution will always remain unchanged. However, the need to cater to the dining and shopping students, staff, faculty and guests is paramount to financial success.

The University Retail Environment

Colleges and universities almost universally provide retail services for students. Your university probably has, at minimum, a campus bookstore. In addition, you may have a fan shop for branded paraphernalia and a quick shop for educational and residential necessities.

Many university stores rely on seasonal employees or student workers for retail operations. The high turnover requires point-of-sale systems that are intuitive. You should not have to spend countless hours training employees only to have to retrain new employees again in a few weeks. Likewise, the retail environment requires a POS that will track inventory and sales for your staff.

Meal Plans, Dining and Quick Bites

A central dining hall was once the most common way for students at universities to have their meals. Because students are more satisfied with more choices, many universities are offering quick-service restaurants and food carts as well. Adding options like these makes sense until it comes time to manage meal plans.

Your university might struggle with the implementation of a system that allows students to use their meal plans in multiple environments. Likewise, every food service environment needs a POS system that accepts a variety of forms of payment as staff and faculty may rely on these dining atmospheres for meals during the day as well.

A Variety of Stadium Services

University stadiums combine food service and retail. Your POS system in a stadium environment needs to be able to handle all of these types of sales. It must provide sales figures and inventory reports with the ability to update across all systems in real time.

A stadium environment is a food service environment in a very true sense. Stadiums offer both quick service and table service. Each requires a POS system with the ability to create menus, take orders and send orders to the kitchen. They need to be able to accept multiple forms of payment as well.

The Bepoz POS system was created for situations like all of these. The Bepoz POS system works with all of your university sales environments, tracks inventory and allows your establishments to communicate with each other. It even provides the ability to use board meal plans and declining balances on prepaid accounts, which is vital to university success.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point-of-Sale systems and I’m here today to talk to you about how Bepoz can help you with almost all of your college or university point of sale environments. Bepoz is able to handle food service environments, retail environments, stadium environments with concessions and retail and sweets and table service and counter service. Every kind of environment, almost that you could imagine. And on top of all of those things, Bepoz can manage the meal plans for the students, whether those meal plans are a board plan with a certain number of meals per day, week, month, or semester, or declining balances which a certain number of dollars per day, week, month or semester.

And you could do a combination of board and declining balance. And you could have literally as many different meal plans as you would like. There are many other things that Bepoz could do in these kinds of environments. If you’d like to talk to us about Bepoz could help you with your college or university point of sale needs. We’d love to talk to you. You can either call us at the number above or click on the link below.