Is a Self-Serve Kiosk Right For Your Business?

Many businesses in the retail and restaurant industries are utilizing interactive kiosks in rapidly increasing numbers. By giving their customers and employees access to self-service applications, these businesses find that kiosks are efficient cost savers and even profit centers.

If you’re considering a kiosk, you will need a point-of-sale (POS) system designed for your company’s unique demands. Bepoz can carry out productivity features that’ll improve your daily efficiency.

Not sure if a kiosk is right for your company yet? Let’s see if investigating where and how Bepoz’s POS systems are being used will help you see how a kiosk might benefit your business.

Kiosks are typically placed in retail stores, airports, hospitals, school campuses, restaurants, and other places where personal computers are not available. Unlike a regular PC, a kiosk typically performs only a few specific tasks, and is designed to be used by many different people. In addition, it is often optimized for remote control management. Here are some places where you will find kiosks and ways they are being used.

Loyalty/Registry Programs: Some retailers use kiosks for their loyalty and registry programs. Customers actively engage in a convenient way to view, redeem and receive points, view promotions, special offers, registry lists, and upcoming events. On the spot printing of registries and vouchers creates an added advance to streamlining their experience.

Ordering Food: Customers can order their food at a kiosk. The POS software gives them options for an easy-touchscreen experience. They can also type in special instructions to the kitchen, and then wait for their order.

Self-Service Retail Check Out: These systems provide a way for customers to check out their own purchases from a retailer. With this type of check out the customer assumes the job of the cashier by scanning and applying payment for the items themselves.

Barcode Scanning: An alternative system (self-scanning) consists of a portable barcode scanner that is used by the customer to scan and bag items while shopping. When the customer has finished shopping, the scanner is brought to a checkout kiosk where the information from the barcode scanner is downloaded to the kiosk.

Self-service ticketing: You may see these at resorts, sports/entertainment venues, movie theatres, transportation and more. They are great for processing payments and dispensing tickets.

So can you see your business benefiting from a self-serve kiosk? Whether you’re involved in the retail or the restaurant business, BEPOZ can provide a self-serve kiosk with customized POS software that will benefit your company.