5 Reasons Why Your Bakery Needs A POS System

Bakery POS 300x207 - 5 Reasons Why Your Bakery Needs A POS SystemWhether you’re a small shop with a steel cash box that works on hand-written orders, or you’re a larger bakery with a cash register and multiple employees, a point-of-sale (POS) system can help with the everyday operations of your business.

1. Gives Ingredient Insight

Avoid the hassle of manually tracking ingredients and baking materials. Your POS system will take the guessing out ordering. Here’s how. Every time you sell a cookie, cake, or pastry, BEPOZ will track the amount of ingredients you used like sugar, eggs, flour, etc. Then you system will tell you when your supplies are running low, making sure that you never run out of ingredients.

2. Helps You Connect with Customers

One of the ways that businesses build their customer base is by collecting data. Use your POS software to quickly capture customer info on any sale. Plus, analyze purchase patterns so you can better understand and connect with loyal customers. Also, keep customers up-to-date about special events and promotions.

3. Assists in Managing Employees

Use your POS system to track and report employee hours. That way there is no guessing on what early hour arrival your employees show up to start baking pastries. Your system keeps track of exactly how long their workday lasts. More importantly, it can help you make important staffing decisions based on information such as the average sales by day of the week or average sale. That way you can correctly staff your business on your busiest days.

4. Keeps Track of Orders

Forget about hand-written orders. Your bakery POS system keeps track of your orders. This comes in very handy when you are working on special orders such as, large orders of pastries and specialty cakes. You can easily see every order, and schedule out what needs to be done to fill the order.

5. Generates Invoices

A good bakery POS system can be used to generate invoices. This is a benefit to bakeries that make deliveries. The invoice can be setup so the recipient can quickly and easily read everything on the invoice like item(s), price, tax, delivery fee, and total. The benefit to using the POS system for bakery invoices is the ability to easily account for all deliveries. This will not only make sure all deliveries are made on time, but with the right items in the delivery.

In the end, your POS system makes your workday easier, whether it’s keeping track of your ingredients, helping you collect customer data, managing employee’s timecards, tracking your orders or generating invoices. A point-of-sale system implemented in your bakery can make a big difference.