5 Tips To Maximize Your Retail Check Out Counter Space

Your retail check out counter space is important, not just because it’s where you make sales on your point-of-sale (POS) system, but because it’s that one last chance to sell, make your customers aware about an upcoming promotion, and provide great customer service. Here are 5 tips to maximize your retail check out counter space.

1. Speak the Language of Impulsive Buyers

If you own a brick and mortar store, you want to make sure you capitalize on those impulsive buyers. People who are waiting in line to purchase are obviously in the mood to buy. So make sure you have great items like: accessories to compliment merchandise, seasonal products, snacks and beverages, practical items, small kid products, gift cards, etc.

2. Add a Screen Behind Cashiers

A TV screen can enhance the shopper experience while also building your brand and promoting your products.

3. Boost Your Appearance With Your POS System

Not only is your POS arguably the most important piece of technology in your retail store, but it could also be the sleekest in comparison to a clunky cash register. Your customers will know you care about efficiency, and you’ve got style.

4. Encourage Social Sharing

In today’s advertising world, social media is an integral part of marketing. While your team creates content, be sure that you are maximizing its exposure by asking your customers to share, engage, and like. Do that by using your retail check out counter space to post your brand hash tags, social media handles, and contests.

5. Let Folks Browse Your Catalog Digitally

Maybe you can’t carry all your merchandise in your brick and mortar. That’s ok. Give customers a chance to browse your entire catalog online at a tablet that you set up in the check out area or at a kiosk nearby.

What other tips can you think of for maximizing your retail check out area space? Remember it’s the last chance you have to reinforce your brand, increase the sales purchase, promote contests, social sharing, and more. While you work on maximizing that space, consider upgrading your POS to Bepoz. Free demos available. Give us a call today!