Powerful Hospital POS Management System That Boost Sales

Hospitals have very specific needs that are rarely addressed by point of sale systems. Most hospitals rely on a multitude of software packages under one roof because unfortunately, most hospital cafeteria pos systems cannot help service the other departments. For example, hospitals have a system that controls inventory, a dedicated system for food sales, a separate system for retail sales and there may even be another system for interdepartmental charges and payroll deductions. All of these hospital management systems start to add up when you consider the time it takes to manage them and get the ROI that management is looking for.

The existence of so many different programs is frustrating on multiple levels. Employees must be trained on the systems they use each day. Managers need to be fully aware of how to run reports using a hospital cafeteria POS system that may or may not function alongside software programs for retail sales and inventory. Watch the video below as Tim explains the value of one, powerful hospital management system that boost sales, period!


You Need 1 Hospital Cafeteria POS System to Rule Them All

Bepoz makes the needs of hospitals a priority. Yes, a quality POS system for hospital cafeterias must be able to handle sales but that is only one small part of what is required for successful and efficient management.

Efficient Hospital Management Software with Powerful Features

Bepoz is a POS system for hospital cafeterias that adds the ability to include employee discounts, employee meal plans, payroll deductions and interdepartmental charges. The Bepoz hospital POS system lets you manage volunteer meals, point of sale charges for retail items and much more. You only have to learn how to use one hospital management system. There is no need to track on paper by hand. This removes the possibility for costly mistakes.

A hospital cafeteria POS system improves financial gains in the cafeteria area, but it can also benefit the environment. Accurately tracking inventory with a POS system for hospital cafeterias helps eliminate food waste, which is vitally important. Hospitals in the United States are currently responsible for 30 pounds of food waste per bed every day. Keeping accurate inventory can prevent your hospital from needlessly ordering food supplies you don’t need. It can also help you track which food items are regularly requested and which are less desirable by hospital patients, visitors and staff.

Improve Your Hospital Management System

Bepoz can help your hospital cafeteria in multiple ways. There is no reason to continue using outdated or inefficient software programs when Bepoz is ready and waiting for you. Click here to see our hospital point of sale demonstration.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sales Systems. One particular category of customer that comes to us often is hospitals and hospital cafeterias and hospital gift shops. Actually, Bepoz could handle both hospital cafeterias and hospital gift shops. And that is one thing that differentiates us is the ability to handle both food service and retail inventory in one system, if you wanted to do that.

Hospitals have very specific needs. Often times they come to us with the need to be able to do payroll deductions. Employees go to the cafeteria and get a meal, but they want to pay for it and have it deducted from their payroll. And Bepoz has the ability to export that data to their payroll service and have it automatically deducted from their payroll.

Another need is interdepartmental charges. So, I have a charge from one department to another. Some department comes in and gets some food and needs to have that paid for or they have it catered from the cafeteria and need to have that paid for. Any of those kind of cases and then Bepoz could automatically export that to the accounting system.

Bepoz also has the ability to manage the inventory both from a food service standpoint and from a retail standpoint. We also have the ability to give and automatically give the employees who are getting their payroll deductions, they could automatically get a discount. We also manage other things like employee meal plans. Some employees might get a certain number of meals per month or a certain number of dollars per month that they can spend.

We also have the ability to manage volunteer meals. So, volunteers might get a certain number of dollars that they can spend when they volunteer for a shift. And we could actually give to that volunteer a receipt with a barcode on it – it’s basically a coupon. And when the volunteer scans it, let’s say they get five dollars. And when they rang up six dollars worth of food, five dollars will come off, the other dollar they’ll have to pay for themselves. So, they get up to five dollars in discounts, whatever you wanted to have that set up for. And then once that coupon’s been used, the coupon won’t work. So, you don’t have employees giving away discounts like that, that they shouldn’t be. Just another little thing that we can do is often times there’s a salad bar and that needs to be weighed and put on a scale. So, there’s many things that Bepoz can do.

Many of these topics that we’ve discussed there are other videos that you could watch for many of those topics. We’d love to have you look those over. If you’d like to talk to Bepoz about how we can help you with your hospital cafeteria or gift shop, we’d love to talk to you. Feel free to call us at the number above or click the link below to schedule a demonstration or a meeting. In any case, have a great day!