Smarter Inventory Tracking for Food Service and Retail

Inventory tracking systems (A.K.A. inventory management software) are essential for all aspects of retail and restaurant services. You need to know how much product you have whether you are managing recipe ingredients, apparel, back office supplies or any of the number of other items required to run a successful business. You also need inventory management software so you can track the cost of each item, the amount of time it has been in stock and how often products need to be replaced.

Rather than going all in with a single system (a restaurant pos system or retail pos solution), watch the video below as Tim explains a smarter way to track inventory for food service and retail environments.


Ironically, there are few POS inventory management software systems that can be used both in retail environments and food service. To make matters worse, the businesses that offer both restaurant and retail have to use a different inventory management software depending on what part of the business is making the sale. It’s… complicated.

Having two systems requires that you and your staff are trained on how to use restaurant POS systems and retail inventory management software. Both types of inventory POS system must be individually updated and maintained. Each point of sale inventory system also rarely works together, which means your reports are all separate as well. This creates a situation that is frustrating and prone to error. Restaurant POS systems need to be able to manage retail inventory just as well as food supplies.

What Is The Best Restaurant POS System AND Inventory Software?

Bepoz has found a way to solve the issue of multiple types of inventory management software. The Bepoz point of sale inventory system turns restaurant POS systems into fully customizable inventory management software. Your employees only need to learn how to use one very simple POS inventory system. It can be used at any point of sale regardless of the items being purchased.

Bepoz is a seamless retail inventory management software and food inventory software that is so easy anyone can learn how to use it. You can track all products of any type with a barcode scanner. Your employees can also use the inventory POS system touchscreens for ordering, tracking and sales. Inventory levels are automatically updated with each sale, which lets you know what you have and when you have it.

With Bepoz, You Will Experience:

  • No more surplus from auto-orders of items you don’t need due to a complete restaurant inventory.
  • Savings that you can pass on to your customers.
  • An increase in sales, thanks to always knowing when items need to be re-ordered.
  • The easiest to use retail inventory management software around.
  • Food service managers can even batch recipe creation to track restaurant inventory down to the last tablespoon of vanilla.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to managing two point of sale systems! Contact Bepoz to get started with our game-changing POS inventory management software and get more out of your food service AND retail sales.

Video Transcription

Hi my name is Tim here at Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sales Systems. One common thing that we hear customers coming to us needing is inventory control. Inventory control – there are many systems out in the world that could handle inventory control for food service and many systems that could handle inventory control for retail. But in Bepoz, we have the capacity and capabilities to be able to handle inventory for both. So in a retail environment, we’ll start simple, in a retail environment, you purchase the goods and often times you might buy them in a case or you might buy single units and then still need to be able to sell them in singles or cases or units, in many different ways. And I would need to be able to sell them using a bar code, but we also allow sales of those items via a touch screen and look up of those products in many different ways. But all of that can be use to manage the inventory.

And of course on the back side, we could also do the purchasing and receiving of all those goods. So I can send out purchase orders to the suppliers and I could also receive the invoices from the suppliers and have those inventory levels updated in the system.

We also have features that we haven’t seen in any competitors at our price point –  to be able to optimize your inventory levels. And optimization of inventory levels can help you dramatically decrease the amount of inventory it takes to do the same amount of sales. We often run into customers who have inventory on the shelf that has been sitting there for months or they have too much of it or too little of it, if they’re running low on sales or they have too much. And Bepoz has the capability to optimize your inventory levels to help you make sure that you don’t have too much. Often times, and we’ve seen cases where that’s been up to fifty percent savings for individual customers. One customer I can think of has a million dollars on the shelf. And we were able to show them with reports and with inventory management that we could actually cut that number in half – so five hundred thousand dollars of savings of inventory at one store while at the same time increasing their sales.

That whole process of purchasing and receiving and inventory management and optimization also works with food service inventory. So in a food service environment, we could also help you manage ingredients. So if I sell a burger, I take the burger, and the cheese, and the bun, and the ketchup, and the pickle, and the lettuce, and the tomato, and the box, and the cup, and the lid, and the straw, and the fries or whatever, let’s say your whole Happy Meal, let’s say. Your whole inventory gets deducted when you sell that product.

We can also do what’s called manufactured inventory. And manufactured inventory is batch recipe creation. Sometimes you create recipes in a batch – that would be lasagna or a pot of soup or something like that. You create a batch of lasagna. If I sold lasagna in one portion the way I sell a burger, well my inventory, it would just deduct one piece of pasta, maybe three ounces of marinara, maybe two ounces of ricotta and a little bit of burger every time I sell a piece of lasagna. Well, my shelf is obviously wrong because I took all of that stuff for sixteen portions whenever I created the pan of lasagna. So in that case, we could do a batch recipe creation, create all that and then create sixteen new portions of lasagna that could be then sold.

Those are just a few of the things Bepoz can do for you with inventory. There’s much, much more. All sorts of analytics and many more features that Bepoz has related to inventory. If you want to talk to us about our inventory features, we’d love to talk to you about that. You can either call the number that’s at the top of your page or click the link below. We’d love to talk to you. Hope you have a great day!