Using Your POS System Without WiFi

The invention of wireless internet revolutionized the world. The ability to travel anywhere unencumbered by wires is a luxury that we have all come to both appreciate and expect. However, when it comes to business, WiFi sometimes offers more pain than pleasure. Watch the video below as Tim explains how using a wired internet line may be your best solution for using a POS system without WiFi.

POS Systems with WiFi: Harmful for Companies?

Many POS systems rely on WiFi for all of their processes. They utilize the cloud, which can be a positive thing. The cloud lets businesses store data in a way that is accessible from any device with the right software and connections. Managers can check in on a single location from anywhere. It’s seemingly ideal.

Unfortunately, there are some significant downsides to relying on WiFi. Wireless internet has the tendency to drop much more often than a wired terminal, especially as use increases. If a company’s business relies completely on WiFi for point-of-sale, all transactions may be halted every time a WiFi signal drops. 

Safety over Functionality

Some POS systems don’t use WiFi at all. They require a hard-wired system in order to avoid any dropped signals. While hard-wired point-of-sale keeps a business safe, it also limits what a business can do.

Bepoz allows our customers to use both hard-wired and wireless systems to access the internet. Both give the business access to the cloud and both are able to process transactions. We recommend hard-wired systems where possible to avoid any drops in service, but we also know that is sometimes not practical. Bepoz is built with both functionality and flexibility in mind. Our POS system even functions offline.

Contact Bepoz today so we can talk to you about your options for wireless, wired, and even offline point-of-sale transactions.


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Video Transcript

Hey, this is Tim with Bepoz Enterprise Point of Sale Systems. One question or one thing that we’ve seen a lot in the world right now of point of sale is that many of the cloud-based systems in the point of sale world require you to have an internet connection or wifi in order to keep that point of sale running.

And so we always recommend the minimum. If you, unless you’re using a point of sale station or a point of sale system where you need to walk around and be mobile with it, always wire your point of sale system. Because the wifi will be the Achilles heel of any point of sale system using wifi. That’s not to say that any point of sale system has more problems than others with wifi. It’s just the nature of wifi. You’ve got a system, it needs to run. Oftentimes, many of these systems, they lose their internet connection or lose their wifi connection, they will stop working.

So in Bepoz, in our world, again, we don’t use wifi unless required to do so in a mobile environment. But even in a mobile environment, in a mobile wifi environment, those point of sale terminals could run offline.

So it is important to know all of those things about running a point of sale system that doesn’t use wifi, and that we have a system that could run without having to be hindered by wifi or internet.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we could help you with your point of sale needs, we’d love to talk to you. You can call the number at the top of the screen or click the link below.